Android System Updates Will Be Seamless In Android N


If you’ve used an Android phone you’ve probably sat and jammed on the “Check for System Updates” button to see if the newest Android system update was available. If you’ve ever used a Chromebook you’ve never had that experience as all updates are handled in the background and applied automatically. In the near future, Android users will have to take notes from their Chromebook loving brethren about how to best get excited about updates, because Android is about to act a whole lot more like Chromebook. Today at Google I/O it was announced that Android system updates will take place in the background and be applied automatically starting in Android N.

If you’re anything like me, Android system updates seem to show up at the worst possible times. Admittedly, you can always wait and install at a more appropriate time, but when there are fancy new features and toys to play with you always want to get at them as quickly as possible. Starting with Android N that experience will be a thing of the past. Chromebooks have kept themselves updated automatically forever by way of separate system images, allowing one to be used “live” while another can apply updates in the background. Android N will operate in a similar manner, allowing seamless updates to the entire Android system.

I, for one, will be happy to never see the “Updating 1/75 Apps” message on my phone ever again.

Are you at Google I/O? If you are, and you’re willing to share any comments, pictures, experiences, etc. please feel free to contact us at What do you think about the move to seamless updates with Android N? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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