Netflix Launched Their Own Website To Check Your ISP Speeds

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Today, Netflix has launched their own website to let users know what their ISP speeds are — introducing Now, this isn’t going to be a speed test like Ookla offers. Fast will only check your download speed, which Netflix only needs to use to provide you with the right video quality. The site is here to help you out on who is going to be at fault here when it comes to connection issues. It’s usually the ISP right? Might just be my case then.

If you’ve already opened a new tab, you’ll be taken to a easy website to understand and isn’t full of ads or links to take you to another web site. No clutter! Thank you Netflix! There really isn’t much to figure out as automatically starts checking what your download speed is, with the option to pause the test. While the test is going on, numbers are in gray and are either increasing or decreasing to see what download speed are getting. When it’s done the numbers turn black and you’re able to start another test, and you will also have the option to compare your download speed to if you’d like.


One thing that I wasn’t a big fan of was I wasn’t advised if the speed I was getting was good or bad. I’m getting more download speeds than what I’m paying my ISP for, but some kind of notice if the speed is good or bad would be helpful. Someone might be getting 3mb down, and may be streaming just fine. Regardless, not everyone is going to recall what they pay for.

What are your thoughts about Netflix coming out with their own speed testing website? Do you think they’re using it as a back up just in case an ISP states it’s not their fault? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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