Greenlight SmartCradle Turns Your Phone Into A Dashcam

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Distracted driving is increasingly contributing to accidents these days and the Greenlight SmartCradle wants to protect you by recording those accidents. The Greenlight SmartCradle turns your iPhone or Android phone into a dashcam that can detect when you’ve been in an accident and save the video to the cloud. The Greenlight SmartCradle records in a continuous loop and only sends video to be saved when it detects that there was an accident.

“When you get in the car, it automatically detects your phone,” said Green. “Then, when you dock your phone in the cradle, it will automatically launch the application. There’s not a lot of similar apps. I think the big thing that makes our product different is that we use a connected device alongside the application. So we provide what we think is the total solution.”

The Greenlight SmartCradle also acts as a hands free dock so you can take and make calls and respond to texts. The dock will also act as a smartphone charger ensuring you’re topped up with juice when you get to your destination. The dock also features a nifty “Auto Launch” feature that saves you time opening the included app, just dock and swipe and you’re good to go. For cloud storage, just connect to your favorite provider like Dropbox or Google Drive. The Greenlight SmartCradle is being offered for a pre-order price of $49 and you can do that on their website now.

The price tag here is very affordable for what you’re getting. There are other docks that dock and power around the same price but the Greenlight SmartCradle offers a little extra with the accident detection and auto upload of video footage.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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