Blizzard Sending Out DMCA Takedown Notices To Remove Overwatch P***

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Nothing is sacred on the Internet, and as Rule 34 tells us — if it exists, there’s p*** of it somewhere. Blizzard’s recently released Overwatch is apparently no exception, and those making Overwatch p*** are starting to get hit with DMCA takedown notices and their NSFW Overwatch content is being removed from various services.

A reddit user posted that he’d received at least two DMCA takedown notices for Overwatch videos he’d posted on P***hub. The problem might not be the content itself, but rather the method in which the content is being generated. The redditor, sp***m, used the Valve Source Filmaking Kit to rip assets from Overwatch and then creates his videos using those assets, which is most definitely grounds for a solid case by Blizzard.

P***hub DMCA notice.

Other users are receiving copyright infringement notices from a company called Irdeto USA, which indicate that Overwatch assets are the materials being infringed upon. According to Eurogamer, Blizzard may have contracted Irdeto — a security company that specializes in digital content — to track down and provide these takedown notices. At this time, it seems that the notices are limited to those NSFW videos that directly use assets from the game itself. Blizzard has also not commented officially on the matter as of yet.

Overwatch was criticized in the weeks leading up to the public beta for oversexualizing some of its characters, in particular Tracer. As a result, Blizzard modified one of her poses. P***hub has also released a new P***hub Insights report that indicates an 817% increase in searches containing Overwatch on the day the public beta launched. The most popular search, of course, related to Tracer and most of the searches came from hardcore gamers, followed by role playing gamers, and shooter game fans. South Korea topped the list for countries searching for Overwatch on P***hub, followed by Belarus and Russia. Most of the countries in the top ten were European or South American countries.

Top P***hub searches containing Overwatch.

What do you think about Blizzard sending out DMCA takedown notices over Overwatch p*** which use assets from the game? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on May 22, 2023.


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