Here’s Chris Evans As Hydra’s Captain America


Last week, Marvel dropped a bombshell on the world when it revealed the shocker that is Hydra’s Captain America. For those who have been living under a rock, Marvel’s iconic hero — fresh off his MCU trilogy conclusion — is a Hydra double agent in the new comic series. Falcon took up the mantel of Captain America lost his super soldier abilities. Rogers took on more of an advisor role in his old age.

However, it looks like Rogers has his super soldier abilities back and as such, is back in action, with the added shocking twist of working for Hydra. It was a shock for many comic book fans and, well, a shocker for Captain America himself as he tweeted his shock the other day:

It certainly does change the dynamic of one of Marvel’s purest super heroes and changes everything we know about the hero. It certainly has us asking questions. How will the story play out? Is Captain America really a Hydra double agent? What would he look like working for Hydra? While we’ll have to read the series to get the answer to the first two questions, we have a good look of what Chris Evans would look like as Hydra’s Captain America.

Twitter user BossLogic created a few sketches of Chris Evans as Captain Hydra, which you can see below. 



The move has been praised by Stan Lee as a brilliant one and it should be said that this is only a comic book event currently. Though, as Lee put it, it would make for a good movie event. With Phase 3 ramping up and the inevitable conclusion in the Avengers: Infinity Wars 1 & 2, Phase 4 is still a ways away. That said, Chris Evans has mentioned that he’d love to continue is role as Captain America for as long as Marvel will have him. It would be interesting to see him act out this twist in the MCU and how the rest of the universe would react to this bombshell.

What are your thoughts on Hydra’s Captain America… er… Captain America’s new plot twist? Let us know in the comments section below or on social media.

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