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Having done what feels like hundreds of case reviews over the past few years, I’ve definitely seen a wide variety. But nothing like what Organika sent me and what they’re trying to Kickstart. Organika is using real organic materials to create their new phone cases that will be available for Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG devices. The kicker here isn’t just the look and feel of the organic material but also the smell. We had a chance to check out the Organika case early, read on for our review.


This is basically what Organika case does very uniquely. Most cases are made from some sort of plastic or TPU material and Organika makes use of some TPU as well but the bulk of the case is made up of your choice of four materials — alpine hay, roses, jasmine, or coffee… yes coffee. The company is out of Slovenia and has done a phenomenal job of creating these cases out of these natural materials.

You can feel the texture of the material on the back of the case and it feels very nice to the touch. While feeling the material is great, the thing that makes these cases really fun is you can smell the material as well. The coffee case sent to me had a very nice fragrant aroma and is a serious must have for coffee lovers all over (I have a feeling it will be their best seller).

Overall the design is simple. The buttons all have a good tactile response and the cutouts were all done well on my review sample for the iPhone 6s Plus. Top notch design and top notch materials.



Slip and snap, it’s as easy as any other phone case on the market.


The Organika case isn’t intended for major falls and drops and provides more of a mid-range protection for your device. There is a small raised lip on the front that protects the screen and the TPU material along with the organic material provide solid mid-range protection from simple falls and spills.


Organika is currently Kickstarting these cases for an early bird price of $29 which runs along the same price for other major name brands.

Wrap Up

Combined with decent protection and unique materials, this is a solid choice for a mid-range protection case. Hit the link below to support the Kickstarter.

*We were sent a review sample of the coffee version of the Organika case for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on June 23, 2021.


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