HoloGrid: Monster Battle AR Board Game Nearing Kickstarter Goal

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Phil Tippet, a movie director, visual effects supervisor, and producer, has worked on everything from Star Wars movies to The Twilight Saga and Jurassic World. He’s now setting his sights on the world of augmented reality and is working on HoloGrid: Monster Battle — an AR holochess board game — with HappyGiant. With just over 24 hours left, HoloGrid: Monster Battle is nearing its $100,000 Kickstarter goal.

HoloGrid is a tactical battle CCG which uses augmented reality and features monsters and other creatures created by Tippet himself.

The game uses photogrammetry to take real life figures and turn them into 3D digital creatures through the use of an iOS or Android app, foldable tablet/fold stands, a large foldable game board, and card packs. The goal of Hologrid: Monster Battle is to defeat your opponent’s Champion using team and spell based combat. The characters are composed of Champions, Tanks, Specialists, Ranged/Shooters, and Fighters. With game matches lasting 10 to 15 minutes, you can play a quick match or set up for longer multiple match play sessions. Each Monster/Unit will come with a unique ability, and the spells will be unique as well, allowing for hundreds of team combinations and different strategies.

Tippet Studio and HappyGiant, co-developer of the game, are looking for $100,000 to fund the base game over on Kickstarter. With just over 25 hours left (at the time of this article), Hologrid: Monster Battle is less than $7,000 shy of meeting that goal. With the base game running for $25 and expected shipping to take place in November, it should be an easy goal to meet.

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