The NFL Twitter Account Got Hacked Today


Earlier today the NFL Twitter account tweeted the passing of commissioner Roger Goodell in what looks like a hacking of the NFL Twitter page. The tweet was removed fairly quickly and no goes to a dead link, but one eagle eyed viewer managed to snag a screenshot of the tweet and shared it with us. This week has been an adventure in Twitter hacks as other celebrities including Mark Zuckerberg, have been victims of hacking of their Twitter accounts. The hacks are being blamed on the large LinkedIn password dump from 2012 that shows passwords for 117 million accounts. Mark Zuckerberg was on that list with a password of, dadada.

NFL Twitter

Brian McCarthy, Vice President of Communications for the National Football League, confirmed the hack in another tweet, and also confirmed that Roger Goodell is alive and well.

We do expect more of these Twitter hacks to surface as more passwords from the LinkedIn dump continue to surface and hackers start using those passwords to get into accounts that have yet to change their passwords.

We recommend that everyone change all passwords to any online accounts you may have, especially if you were a LinkedIn user in 2012. Your data may be out there and changing your password and adding two factor authentication could save you the headache in the future. For now it seems these hackers are targeting well known celebrities and companies.

What do you think of the NFL Twitter account being hacked? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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