Watch How Mosquitoes Drain Your Blood


Mosquitoes are probably one of the least liked insects on the planet and according to PBS, they are also one of the most deadliest. With summer here and many of us heading to the great outdoors to camp, fish, play sports, and enjoy mother nature, mosquitoes will be there right along with us, using us as a walking buffet to feed their nutritional needs to make their eggs. The problem with mosquitoes is their ability to carry diseases and this little insects are responsible for killing many humans every year. They’re so adaptable they can move from one continent to another carrying whatever virus or illness they may have sucked up whilst in another country.

Check out the video below made by PBS for a closer look on how these little critters operate.

Watching that video is both creepy and fascinating. With today’s technology we’re able to better understand mosquitoes as well as a vast array of other animals. While knowing what mosquitoes do with your blood and how they actually use their tools to get to your blood won’t relieve your itching. It is pretty valuable research and maybe some day we’ll develop a method to keep ourselves from being their dinner.

But mother nature is a resilient beast and it’s likely that whatever we do to combat it, it will eventually find a way to continue its cycle. What did you think of this PBS short on how mosquitoes drain your blood? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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