Classic Hits: From Remakes To Remixes


Last time we talked about songs that had been re-made or covered by other artists. My next installment of Classic hits will be remixed. I like fast tempo music. Couple that with my love for classic 80s and 90s music and we have a winner! Here are a few of those I enjoy.

First up, a huge hit by Sting of The Police fame, this 1988 tune is remixed by Ph-Electro. It isn’t however the first time this song was remixed, the first being in 1990 by DJ Ben Liebrand.

Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” was an international hit as soon as it hit the big screen on the 1984 cult film The Karate Kid, and every club from here to Studio 54 was playing it ad nauseum. Here’s a recent remix.

British band Dead or Alive hit it big with their first top ten hit in the UK “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).” It’s been featured in countless movies and TV cameos, and made a return to the music scene when Flo Rida sampled and remixed it in for his own hit with Kesha “Right Round.”

“California Dreamin’” was an instant hit for pop quarter The Mamas & The Papas in 1963 and a long list of hits followed. Some 25 years later, The Beach Boys would do a cover that would put their own spin on the same song, even though they were already prolific as a band at the same time The Mamas & The Papas wrote it. In 2004, Italian DJ Benny Benassi put his bass electro spin on it and gave us this gem.

Another huge movie hit came from the bucket dropping legging wearing dance classic Flashdance and there were many good songs on that soundtrack but what made waves was one voiced by Irene Cara called “What A Feeling.” She reprised her role when DJ Bobo remixed the hit in 2001.

There’s more coming your way, sit tight and enjoy the tunes! Let me know what your favorite remixes are in the comments below.


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