The Sony Playstation 4.5 Is Real But Will Not Be At E3


The console upgrade cycle we have been used for the last few generations is dead. The President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, has officially confirmed the long standing rumor of an upgraded PlayStation 4. Scarce on details, some of the information provided does make the news a little easier to swallow for players fearing having to buy a new console soon after they purchased the initial one.

House assured consumers that the PlayStation 4.5, sometimes referred to as the PlayStation Neo, is not a replacement for the current PlayStation 4, but will complement it, aiming at hardcore gamers looking for the most powerful options available. Both systems would remain in production through the current life-cycle and there would be rules in place to make sure developers continue to support the lower end hardware.

We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle. All games will support the standard PS4 and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4.

The wording here is interesting since it signals that it is in fact the upgraded hardware that may not support all games while the regular console will continue to get full-fledged support. We can assume that this merely means that while the PlayStation Neo will be able to play any game built for the PlayStation 4, not all will take advantage of it’s more powerful hardware.

Speaking of hardware, House divulged no actual details except the mention of 4K support and an improved experience with the upcoming PlayStation VR. GiantBomb however, seems confident that the upgrade will look something like this:

Courtesy of GiantBomb
Courtesy of GiantBomb

The Neo puts all new pressure on Microsoft. The Xbox One has been playing second fiddle to the success of the PlayStation 4 and although is also rumored to have an upgraded version in the pipeline, will not see the light of day earlier than some time in 2017.

Sony has decided to not showcase the newest PlayStation hardware at this year’s E3 because they feel the product is not ready and could fail to demonstrate the experience they are building around it. This means we will have to wait a bit longer for details of a release date and price. House did say the Neo will cost more than the regular PlayStation 4 and “experts” peg that price point at $399 with a release window targeting the holiday season and the Playstation VR launch.

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