17 year old Overwatch pro accused of cheating — clears her name with livestream

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If you have spent any time playing Blizzard’s latest FPS, Overwatch, you know some people just seem a little too good. I don’t mean the kind of people that are just flat out better, but when their aiming is seemingly robotically accurate. This was the case for 17 year old, Geguri.

Master Overwatch Zarya Geguri Stats
No seriously, this girl is good (click to enlarge).

The accusations surfaced while Geguri was playing for a team called UW Artisan during the Nexus Cup qualifiers. Apparently her team manager, Lime, received several calls from Blizzard Korea questioning her abilities.

Several opponents from a team called Dizziness publicly called her out for cheating and making various claims on a forum called Inven. Dizziness member Strobe made several accusations and threats including: “If this problem is confirmed as a hack, it would have caused a problem to our career and reputation. How will you take responsibility for that?” and “If there is a problem with our sponsors and such, I may visit Geguri’s house with a knife in hand. I am not joking.”

In order to clear her name, Geguri took part in a livestream hosted by Inven. After watching Geguri annihilate people without any hack or mod, the apologies came flooding in from her accusers.

Strobe took responsibility for his accusations, including his comment about the knife. He stated he was incredibly sorry he could not control his anger and would be leaving the Overwatch community. ELTA, another member of Dizziness, echoed Strobe’s sentiments and will also be leaving the Overwatch scene.

Raccoon, the manager of Dizziness, offered his apologies. He cited his inexperience as a first time team manager and is reportedly disbanding the team. The original Inven forum member that started the situation, Ping Ddak, also admitted being wrong and wants to apologize in person.

You can watch the video of her livestream below, but Geguri’s stats speak for themselves. Geguri is currently the 6th ranked player worldwide as Zarya, with a K/D ratio at 6.19. She’s netted a total of 928 gold, 497 silver, and 289 bronze medals in 52 hours played. 12 of those hours she has spent on fire.

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