More confirmation headphone jack is gone on iPhone 7

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I get a ton of public relation emails on a daily basis, a lot of them regarding iPhone accessories. I don’t always look at every one of them and often times scan the others quickly but one caught my eye this morning. Patchworks is an iPhone case maker and they’re latest email photo sure shows us an iPhone 7 with no headphone jack. Rumors about Apple removing the headphone jack have been swirling for months. There have been leaked photos of chassis and inside information both supporting the headphone jack removal and now even more photo evidence is emerging.

Removing the headphone jack hasn’t been very popular with many critics a lot of whom are upset their current headphones may not work. Apple is notorious for removing hardware from devices before other manufactures but it seems everyone falls in line behind them, eventually. The rumor is Apple will likely use the lightning port for wired headphones which makes sense since we already have USB digital audio as well. Of course you’ll have the option of Bluetooth as well and you’ll likely see Apple sell an adapter for headphones to work with the lightning port.

While the headphone jack is missing in this photo we’re also intrigued by two other things, the apparent second speaker and the color. Rumors have been Apple will put dual stereo speakers on the iPhone 7 and if this mock up is correct, that might be true. The other rumors has been color. Talk of a Midnight Blue iPhone were rampant and nearly confirmed but other rumors speculate that we could see a Space Black iPhone. The picture above looks to be a Midnight Blue color so that is still not totally confirmed.

Again, this is all speculation and we’ll know for certain in September. For now, since Patchworks gets mock ups of new phones before release, we at least know the headphone jack is gone and there might be stereo speakers.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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