Bracketron Si Dash Mount review: Clipless smartphone vehicle mounting

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There are various dash mounts that you can get to hold your smartphone while driving. Most of these require you to clip your phone in, which can be a bit of a pain getting your phone in and out of the mount. Our Bracketron Si Dash Mount review takes a look at one of the company’s Earth Element series magnetic dash mounts — no clipping required.


The Bracketron Si Dash Mount has the following specifications and features:

  • Mount type: vehicle mount
  • Device support: GPS, Mp3 player, Smartphone, iPhone
  • Mounts directly to most hard or textured surfaces, including your windshield
  • Easy and safe one-handed operation with full access to all device controls
  • Integrated cord management for charging cables

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Bracketron Si Dash Mount
  • 2x Metal plates
  • 2x 3M tape


The Bracketron Si Dash Mount features a pretty similar design to most other car mounts out there. The base is round, and features a suction cup with a clip on the back for tightening the suction. The front side of this round base contains a cord clip to help keep your charging cable tidier in your vehicle. The main holder area is a flat surface with ridges in it and the Bracketron icon in a circle in the middle. It attaches to the mounting base with a ball/adjustable ring setup. Underneath this is a set of feet that can be aligned flush with the mounting surface, or extended to give your device extra support.

The Bracketron Si Dash Mount.

Ease of Use

The Si Dash Mount is simple enough to use. Flip up the suction clip near the back, and place the suction cup on your windshield or dashboard — the smoother the surface the better, and then flip the suction clip down to create a tight seal.

There are a number of ways to attach the metal plate to your smartphone. All require the use of the 3M tape, but you can attach the plate to the inside of your phone case (my preferred method), the back of your smartphone, or underneath the removable back if your phone is so equipped. The two sizes of metal plates included should be good for any phone, the smaller plate for smaller devices, and the larger one for bigger phones.

The Bracketron Si Dash Mount comes with two sizes of metal plates and adhesive.

Once you’ve got the metal plate attached to your phone, simply hold the phone near the mounting pad and you’ll feel it pull the device towards it. If you want extra support, you can extend the feet and slide your phone down to rest against those.

If your mount should ever come loose, simply clean the suction cup with water and let air dry before remounting it in your vehicle.


The magnets in the Bracketron Si Dash Mount are really strong. It didn’t matter what road surface I was travelling on, my Nexus 6P in its case stayed firmly attached to the mount. This included highways, dirt back roads, and even over bumpy train track crossings. You can really feel the strength of the magnets when trying to remove your phone from the mount, and it even feels like you’re going to take the mount with it but the suction is strong enough that I never ran into that scenario. On that note, the mount is not recommended for use with cases that double as credit card holders as the magnet in the mount will likely negatively affect your cards.

The Bracketron Si Dash Mount suctions tightly to the dash, and holds your phone with the strong magnets.


At the regular $39.99USD, the Bracketron Si Dash Mount is a bit pricey. However, it’s currently on sale for $24.99 over on Amazon and at that price it offers great value if you’re looking for a car mount that skips the hassle of having to clip your phone in and out of it.


The Bracketron Si Dash Mount is a great car dash or window mount for your smartphone or other device. The strong magnets and easy installation make this a must have mount for anyone on the go.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Bracketron Si Dash Mount for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 20, 2020.


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