Tesla releases cheaper variant of Model X with lower range


Tesla is now selling a cheaper version of its SUV, the Model X 60D. This variant of the Model X starts at $74,000.

As the name indicates, the Model X 60D is powered by a battery which outputs 60 kWh. Even though the car is powered by a battery with lesser output than the more expensive Model X 75D, both variants have the same performance specifications. Both cars can go from 0-60 miles per hour in 6 seconds. Both cars also have a claimed top speed of 130 miles per hour. The only real difference between the two is the range. The Model X 60D has a claimed range of 200 miles, while the Model X 75D can supposedly go 237 miles.

Tesla Model X

The Model X 60D packs in another neat trick. To save costs on manufacturing, Tesla is using a common battery for both the Model X 60 and the Model X 75D. The difference in output is actually created using software and isn’t an actual hardware limitation. So owners of the Model X 60D can, if they ever want or need to, “upgrade” their car to a 75D, by paying an additional fee to the company. Yep, the future is here, folks! You can now update the software on your car to make it go an extra 37 miles between charges!

This isn’t the first time software has played a pivotal role in a Tesla car. The Autopilot feature, which is currently in beta, was rolled out to Tesla car owners via a software update. Earlier too, people have been able to get upgrades retro-fit at a cost. Tesla is clearly using upgradability as a major selling point.

The Tesla Model X 60D is now available on the company’s official design studio, for customization. Like the other variants, Tesla is promising a late September delivery date to anyone who orders the car now.

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