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Techaeris Rated 9.2/10

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters headphones! That’s right folks, to celebrate the release of the 2016 Ghostbusters movie Monster has partnered with Nas to make Ghostbuster headphones! Since the limited edition Nas x Ghostbusters headphones are nearly identical to the Monster Elements… much of the review will be familiar. If you want you can skip to the end for our big GIVEAWAY rules! You can also read our full Ghostbusters review after you’ve read and entered this giveaway!

*This contest is ended and the winner will be contacted soon, no more entries will be taken!

What’s In The Box

  • Monster Elements Nas x Ghostbuster Edition Bluetooth over ear headphones
  • Monster High intelligibility mic
  • Micro-USB to microUSB cable (USB Digital Audio cable)
  • Micro-USB to USB-A adapter
  • Carrying case


The Nas x Ghostbusters headphones are based off the brand new Monster Elements headphones we just reviewed this week and they share much of the same characteristics. The ear cups swivel back for DJs to have one ear open and one cup over the other ear. Both sides have this functionality so you’re not limited to one ear. Like the Rose Gold version, these are a bit stiff but should loosen up over time given some use.

The ear cups also fold in for easy storage in the included carrying case. The Nas x Ghostbusters headphones are constructed of high quality plastics and they actually have some heft to them. They’re not obnoxiously heavy but they do feel solid when you hold them. There isn’t any squeaking or creaking when putting these on and using them. If you force them to twist and over manipulate them then they do creak slightly.

The ear pads are made from memory foam and covered in a nice soft material (not leather) that feels good over the ear. The inside of the ear cups are branded with the Ghostbusters logo The headband is made from a soft rubber material that feels good for a bit but over prolonged use can get a bit uncomfortable. I think comfort will vary from person to person since no two heads are alike. All the materials are high quality and don’t feel cheap in the least.

On the right ear cup is where you’ll find the Micro-USB charging port, Bluetooth indicator light, multi-function power/pairing/mute/unmute button, microphone, and swipe touch controls. The left ear cup houses the 3.5mm headphone jack in case you want to use these wired. Overall the design is nice and the headphones are available in just one Platinum edition color.

Ease Of Use

It’s very simple to pair to your Bluetooth device via the pairing button, simply turn on and hold until you hear the pairing mode activate. Open your Bluetooth settings on your device and find Monster Nas x Ghostbusters headphones in the list of Bluetooth devices, tap, and pair. Your device should remember the headphones and you shouldn’t have to pair again. Folding these up and storing them is as simple as a quick two flips and away they go into the very nice carrying case. As I mentioned before, the DJ swivel cups are a bit stiff but may loosen over time as you use them.

The touch controls are fairly straight forward as well, though it will take some practice not to make the wrong swipe. Swiping up or down just above the right ear cup controls volume. Play/pause, answer/end call, and accept call waiting all take 1 tap on the same spot. Track forward is 2 taps and track back is 3 taps. The touch controls work great once you get the hang of using them.

Ghostbusters headphones


Monster headphones have a distinct sound to them and these headphones toe the line with the bass at the forefront. That’s not to say the mids and highs are neglected here, everything sounds crisp and clean with just a strong emphasis on the bass. Running these at full volume also produced no cracking or distortion, though that was tested without them on my head, these things get loud. Overall the sound leans towards the bass end of things but everything gets its fair share of love here.

The Monster Nas x Ghostbusters headphones do come with both a 3.5mm headphone cable and a Micro-USB digital audio cable. The Bluetooth sound on these headphones is really great and the headphone cable makes them sound even better. But you get a huge boost in sound and dynamics when using the Micro-USB digital audio cable. Just plug the cable into your phone and the other end of the cable into the headphones.

Reception/Call Quality

Reception is typical Bluetooth range of about 30 feet from source before you start breaking signal. Of course walls, corners etc will also play a large factor in reception so be aware of that. Call quality is excellent. These cover your ears so you should hear everyone loud and clear. I say this in all my reviews, but while I don’t typically take phone calls on headphones, I do test them for the review.

Battery Life

Monster is advertising 20 hours of playback with these. Of course I can’t wear these for 20 hours straight but I can leave them plugged in and playing for that long. The best I managed to pull out of them with volume at about 3/4 was 19.5 hours. Now we stress that volume will have an impact on battery life so results may vary.


Monster products aren’t exactly cheap. These will set you back $449 due to their limited edition branding. Whether or not that’s a good value is a matter of perspective and opinion. These headphones certainly sound really good though not everyone will like the Monster sound signature. The design is a matter of taste as well. I think these headphones deliver great value for the price to those who appreciate their styling and sound. I also think Ghostbusters collectors might want to add a pair to their Ghostbuster collection.

Wrap Up

Not everyone is a Monster headphones fan and that’s OK. These particular Monster headphones sound great though and Ghostbusters FTW! Now go enter the contest!


Techaeris and Monster are teaming up to give these same headphones away to one lucky reader! That’s right! You could own your own pair of Monster Nas x Ghostbusters headphones just by entering the contest below! The Monster Nas x Ghostbusters headphones are not only wireless and sound amazing, but they will also feed your need for GEEK BLING! Read all the rules below before entering the contest and read carefully so you don’t get disqualified!

  • First, you must make a comment below to be entered into this contest. Try and make it something fun!
  • Only ONE comment per person, multiple comment entries will result in disqualification.
  • Your DISQUS profile must have an email address where you can be reached.
  • For an additional entry you can TWEET this post with #BeInYourElement and tag @techaeris @MonsterProducts and you’re comment will count as TWO entries. If you don’t tag both Monster and Techaeris and use that hashtag it will not count.
  • This is a United States giveaway only, sorry international readers but please stay tuned near the end of the year for an international giveaway.
  • We will pick the winner by Random Number Generator and there will be only ONE winner.
  • Be patient if your comment doesn’t show up, some comments need moderator approval… don’t add links or images and that should help speed up the process.
  • Winner will be picked one week from today on July 23rd at noon PT/3pm ET.

That’s all you need to do! Be sure if you Tweet this post to tag both @techaeris and @MonsterProducts and #BeInYourElement so we can see your Tweet! If you don’t plan on entering this contest, please feel free to share with friends and family and on social media so others have a chance to win! We’re excited to give these babies away to one of our loyal readers so good luck to everyone! Thanks to Monster Products for providing this chance to all!

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*We were sent a review sample of the Monster Nas x Ghostbusters headphones for the purposes of this review, which will be given to the winner of the contest above.

Last Updated on February 20, 2020.


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