Just how far away are those Pokémon on the Nearby map? A YouTuber figured it out

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Are you sick of hearing about Pokémon GO yet? If yes, please skip over this and head over to one of our other many wonderful articles. But if you’re like me, you’re still out there running around and letting your inner child make your decisions for you. The game gives you multiple tools to figure out where to go looking for the little buggers but one that has been puzzling players has been the nearby indicator that uses footprints to show which creatures are in your area.

The problem has been trying to decide which ones to go after because of the unknown travel distance indicated by the game. It didn’t take long to figure out that the footprints decreased from 3 to none as you got closer, but no one was really sure just how far you had to walk to actually find the specific critter.  Well, Professor Nick from the Trainer Tips YouTube channel decided to find out. As you can tell in the video below, the method isn’t particularly scientific but he does repeat it with similar results every time.

If your attention span can’t make it through that video, the gist of it is:

1 footprint ~ 40m / 130ft
2 footprints ~ about 60m / 200ft
3 footprints ~ 90m / 300ft+)

We do suggest you watch it though to see how he arrived at this conclusion.

There is still no real way to see what direction you should be heading but at least you know that after an approximate distance traveled you’re not seeing the number footprints decrease, you need to adjust your path.

As always, enjoy the game but please be careful and constantly be aware and respectful of your surroundings.


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