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It is very rare that a device comes out that is not only affordable but available to a large number of people without signing a contract. That’s what happened three years ago today when Google Chromecast was released for purchase (Chromecast Day). Three years ago I called the Google Chromecast an every man’s gadget due to its nearly pocket change price. Just about everyone could pick up a Chromecast and not worry about missed bill payments. The versatility of Chromecast was also a major buying point–slap it on any HDMI TV, connect to a wireless network and you’re ready.

There was one story on Google+ a few days after the Google Chromecast release that told of a man whose wife had a stroke and was hospitalized. In an attempt to make things more familiar and comfortable in the hospital for his wife he picked up a Chromecast and hooked it up. Tethering to his phone’s hotspot he was able to stream their favorite shows to the TV in the hospital room. The ability to take Chromecast anywhere combined with its price has made it one of the most influential gadgets ever brought to market.

Chromecast has changed over the past three years and Google has added Chromecast Audio, allowing you to turn any speaker, with an AUX port, into a streaming receiver. The cost remains at the humble $35USD price point and it really does make for a great gadget for just about anyone. There are competitors like the Amazon Fire Stick and the Roku stick, along with boxes like Apple TV and Fire TV. Nearly all of these are great options, but Chromecast does come in at one of the best price points and offer up the same amount of options.

Do you remember Chromecast Day? Do you remember the frenzy to order from the Google Play Store? How many Chromecasts do you own? Share your Chromecast stories in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

Google Chromecast

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