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The day has finally come as the long awaited and probably one of the best updates for the Xbox one has started rolling out to Xbox One users. If you’re already part of the Preview Program, you’ve already have these new features for a month, but if you’re like me and aren’t part of the Preview Program, but kept up with the news about the update, your time has come to install the newest update all before the new Xbox One S launches. Also included with this update are updates to the Xbox app.

For those that aren’t aware of the August update, it includes Cortana, music playing in the background, bringing the Xbox Store and Windows Store together, and PC games to Xbox Live. There’s more to this update, which I will be getting to in a few, but as for the Xbox app, it’s been released for iOS devices and Android devices.

Now, elaborating more into what the August update includes for the Xbox One.

Background Music

I don’t think there’s a need to get into much detail with this feature as it’s pretty self explanatory, but you’ll get to listen to music in the background while playing your favorite games. Pandora music is one of the partners that will allow music to play in the background with iHeartRadio and Groove Music following suit later on.


Only in the U.S and U.K. to start off with, Cortana will hear your voice commands and have much better voice accuracy. You’ll be able to access her with either the Kinect or a headset. With Cortana, you can start a party, find new games, or see what your buddies are up to. Cortana will continue to be updated and have other features added to her.

Improved Game Collection

The Game Collection UI has been updated to make it easier to find games you want to play and launch them. The Game Collection can also be sorted, managed, update your games or apps with the new ‘updates’ option, and receive info about games in your queue.

Language Region Independence

This feature will allow you to choose the language on your Xbox One no matter where you’re at.

Xbox and Windows Store Merging

Microsoft has made the purchasing experience more streamlined and similar between the Xbox store and Windows store. On Xbox you’ll be able to more easily search for the games you want to play and find them at the best possible price. Other features include sorting by genre, more easily discernible sales with strikethrough pricing, and reviews written by fellow gamers to make your decisions easier.

Facebook Friend Finder

Connect your Xbox Live account with your Facebook account and find your friends that are playing Xbox, but if you’re already logged in via the Xbox app you’re already ahead of the game.

Improved Sharing

Screenshots, GameDVR, and achievements can be shared to the community right from home and the Activity Feed has been updated allowing you to choose what gets shared to the feed.

Top 10 Windows 10 games show up on Xbox Live

While bringing the top rated games on PC to Xbox Live, you have the ability to see what PC games your friends are playing, share game clips, and message them on Xbox Live whether you’re on the Xbox, PC, or on your mobile phone.

60fps game clip recording with the Game Bar

When using the new “very high” video quality in the Xbox app you can record game clips up to 60fps directly from the Game Bar (Windows + G) when the Anniversary update rolls out on August 2nd.

Windows Game Bar full screen support

Also included in the Anniversary update, more games will be able to go full screen when using the Windows Game Bar. Games included are Battlefield 4, Counter Strike: Global Defense, Diablo III, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and WoW.

Xbox app for iOS and Android

With the Xbox app you’re able to see what games your friends are playing, share game clips/screenshots, and view achievements.

Do keep in mind that these updates are rolling out in stages, so if you don’t receive the update immediately, don’t fret as you’ll get your turn. For those that have received the update, tell us your thoughts about it by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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