Gen Con 2016 Day 2: Thornwatch, One Deck Dungeon, and Kreo!


Day 2 kicked off at Gen Con 2016 with even more people filing in. Cosplayers are beginning to become the majority of people walking around. It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the convention and we’ve done quite a bit thus far, however we’ve barely scratched the surface. After some technical difficulties yesterday morning we hopped right to it. Here’s the lineup for Gen Con 2016 day 2!

One Deck Dungeon

One Deck Dungeon

This card game was a sign-up only demo because it’s so popular. You and your teammate (or you can play solo if you dare) are exploring a dungeon, leveling up, and defeating monsters. Along the way you dig further and further into the dungeon until you get to the boss monster. Hopefully by this time you’ve acquired enough skills and items to complete the task. Each player rolls their own set of dice according to their character and the items they have available to them. The monsters have boxes on them that correspond to the number the die must show to defeat that portion of the monster’s abilities. If you can’t cover everything, you either take damage or you have to discard some time which shortens your time on that level. Each level lasts one whole deck, however every time you take an action or travel to a new level of the dungeon it costs you time. One Deck Dungeon challenges you and your partner to maximize your stats and make interesting decisions on how to utilize items and abilities from defeated monsters while progressing through the dungeon. Unfortunately One Deck Dungeon isn’t in print just yet, according to the representatives at the demo the dice weren’t quite ready for distribution. However they do expect the game to ship within the next few months.

The Phoenix Syndicate

The Phoenix Syndicate Gen Con 2016Another Asmadi title, The Phoenix Syndicate is a 2-5 player space exploration game. You are charged with building a network of agents on planets spread across the galaxy. You’ll need lots of resources to fulfill your contracts so you can make the most money. Credits are king in The Phoenix Syndicate and having the most at the end of the game will win you THE UNIVERSE! Or something along those lines. You’ll have the opportunity to bribe people, join a guild, and all sorts of fun things in this resource management/network building game. It’s a great game that is heavy with strategy for the more experienced gamers looking for a space-y challenge.




Thornwatch Gen Con 2016

There is a world where heroes don’t exist. It’s a sad world, but luckily the people that inhabit that world are able to summon the heroes they need. You! An Icon of Thornwatch, you and your fellow players know little of each other and the task at hand, you only know that you are sworn to see it to the end. A Guard, Blade, Sage, and Greenheart make up the characters in the 2-4 player game and all have unique decks to use. Players have abilities they can use but need resources to activate them. There are four spots to ‘bank’ abilities that don’t have the complete set of resources. Initiative order is random each round and also doubles as a measure of danger for NPC’s. If the villagers make it to the end of the initiative order, they are on the edge! If they get hit off of the edge, they die and you fail your mission. If you can defeat the enemies or keep them at bay long enough to save the villagers and get them to the safe lands, you win! It’s a cooperative game with lots of strategic decision making for current and future moves. Currently the game is in development, but it’s absolutely a blast already.


Kreo Gen Con 2016

Another cooperative game, Kreo presents a very unique gameplay. Players are Titans that have been tasked to create a new world. In order to make an inhabitable world they have to create the base components and build on them to make all the elements necessary for a thriving planet. Every card in the deck is dealt out and players secretly choose one card each turn to help build the planet. The tricky part is players cannot talk to each other. There are only a few tokens that allow you to look at one card, show one card, or trade one card with another player of your choice. If that isn’t enough, there are three disaster cards that players need to deal with as the game goes on. You win by building the planet! But it’s not quite as easy as it seems. Kreo is very fun and very interesting with very few games that are similar enough for comparison. It’s definitely a fresh game for the co-op card game world.

I didn’t get quite as many new games in as I would have liked but these three were definitely great games and all ones I would put on the “definitely buy” list. We made a full run through Mansions of Madness and it was just that – total madness. Tomorrow is more games, an interview with Tunnels & Trolls and MetaAracade, and cosplay shenanigans! Stay tuned for more Gen Con 2016 happenings!



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