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Researcher finds some Google Nexus chargers may be defective

Google Nexus

We’ve reported in the past about Google engineer Benson Leung’s crusade to test USB Type-C chargers and cables for defects. Benson has tested a huge amount of cables and chargers and has given his feedback on them all. His work has inspired others to do their own testing and quality control of these types of cables and chargers. Now one Nathan K. has posted a video and Google+ post in which he claims Google Nexus chargers are suffering the same Vbus hot issue that many chargers he and Leung have tested.

Nathan explains the entire testing procedure and gives examples of the Vbus hot issue and explains why he feels the Google Nexus chargers are dangerous. Both the Google Nexus 6P charger and the Google Nexus 5X chargers are affected by the Vbus hot issue. In the comments section of his Google+ post one person tagged in Benson Leung expecting a response to the situation. But as Nathan explains, Benson works for Google who also makes the Google Nexus chargers in question here so he’s likely not going to respond to this particular situation. Watch the video below to get Nathan’s entire explanation and demonstration.

Nathan says he has contacted Google about the situation and received a caviler response amounting to a you’re on your own attitude. As Nathan points out, when OnePlus had this exact issue, they replaced the chargers for their customers and Nathan is hoping that is what Google will do in this case. This test aside though, both Benson and Nathan have done some excellent work in opening up eyes to the dangers of improper USB accessory builds and the damage that can be done by them.

What do you think of Nathan’s Google Nexus charger testing? Have you seen issues with your Nexus chargers? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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