Thieves in Rio stole $40,000 worth of photography gear


Rio police were not surprised when Brett Costello reported his gear as stolen. Also not surprising is that he may never recover all of his gear. What is surprising is that he’s already found some of the gear on the back of one of the thieves!

Brett Costello, a News Corp photographer, recounted the theft in this quote to Daily Telegraph: “I was ordering the coffee and was with my gear and then all of a sudden a woman asked me a question, so I turned briefly, probably for 10 seconds. I felt something was not quite right and my bag with all my gear was gone. She was speaking to me for about 10 seconds, not long at all. I was in shock. No one saw a thing, I couldn’t believe it, I was later told there was a getaway car outside. They work in numbers and they’re good at what they do unfortunately.”

Costello then kept a watchful eye out and was able to help catch one of the thieves using his stolen gear to pose as a photographer to gain access to the Olympics.

(via Yahoo) “Brett Costello was entering the Sambodromo stadium for the men’s team competition with a new Olympics-issued photo vest when he noticed something odd about a man entering behind him at the security line. He was also wearing an official photo vest, but Costello thought the number on it looked familiar – it was the vest that was taken from him in a café on Thursday. […] On Friday afternoon, he confronted the man wearing his stolen vest with the help of Rio Olympic personnel and local police. When faced with the fact that the man had entered the venue’s media area without a credential – an enormous security breach, by the way – he removed the vest and gave it to a Rio 2016 venue manager.”

Officials have identified the man as one of the men in the video from the cafe where the robbery took place. The other man in the video was identified as a person the olympic security officials detained Friday.

Have you ever had photography gear stolen? Were you fortunate enough to recover some or all of it? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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