Will the iPhone 7 display lag behind the competition yet again?

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A new report making the rounds this morning suggests that the Galaxy Note 7 “tops every other display” on the market and I don’t doubt it. Samsung has been known for making amazing displays for the plethora of consumer electronics they make. This new report though, prompts me to wonder if Apple will bring some sort of improvements to the iPhone 7 display. Let’s get something straight for just a minute though. Apple’s iPhone displays aren’t horrible they’re actually really nice and crisp but it has been proven that consumers tend to prefer the over-saturated and bright look of Samsung devices and their AMOLED displays.

“The Galaxy Note 7 provides many major and important state-of-the-art display enhancements, with mobile OLED display technology now advancing faster than ever,” Soneira said. “The Galaxy Note 7 is the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display that we have ever tested.”

There have been rumors that Apple would make the iPhone 7 display an AMOLED instead of their traditional IPS display, but nothing solid has been confirmed. Apple has usually held off on integrating new tech and features until well after the Android OEM’s have had their run. Fingerprint sensors, notification widgets, and many other features were all on other platforms before the iPhone did them and display technology can be added to that list.

While the conversation has heavily surrounded the new aesthetic design of the iPhone 7, we really haven’t talked much about the iPhone 7 display. Maybe Apple does have an AMOLED surprise in the works that’s not only brighter, more vibrant, but also has a higher PPI in the works for the next iPhone? Or maybe they’ll stick with their Retina IPS display and wait another few years before joining the crowd? We can only wonder and speculate.

What do you think? Do you think the iPhone 7 display will be better than the current iPhone? Do you think Apple will stick with an IPS or move to AMOLED technology? What about Samsung? Do you think they make better displays? Would you like to have a Samsung display on an iPhone? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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