G-Form Pro-X review: Compression shorts with extra padding

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Athletes and sports enthusiasts are constantly looking for protection that is more flexible and lightweight, yet provides protection against falls and other incidents. A bit of a different review for us here at Techaeris, our G-Form Pro-X review takes a look at a line of compression gear that is flexible, lightweight, low-profile, breathable, and washable while using technology to minimize surface injury, scrapes, and burns.


G-Form has a pretty big line of products including shin guards, elbow pads, compression shirts, compression shorts, and more. We took a look at their Pro-X Compression Shorts for general athletics, also available are bike and ski/board specific compression shorts with additional padding.

The G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts look pretty much like any other pair of compression shorts and are manufactured using high quality, wicking compression fabric. The waistband is about an inch thick with the G-Form name in grey around the outer edge, and the crotch area has extra breathability with a slightly different fabric being used. The material is well stitched together, as are the padded sections on them.

The G-Form Pro-X compression shorts utilize more breathable material in the crotch area.

Where the Pro-X Compression Shorts — and other G-Form gear — differs in is the additional padding. On the Pro-X shorts, there is an inverted triangle piece of padding over your tailbone area, and a larger almost diamond shaped padding with two crescent moon shaped padding down each side for hip and outer thigh protection. Even with the extra padding, the shorts don’t feel much heavier than a non-padded pair of compression shorts and are just as comfortable. In fact, after wearing them a couple times, you don’t even notice the extra padded areas much anymore.

The side padding on the G-Form Pro-X compression shorts.

Due to being lightweight and flexible, they can easily be worn under other clothing, or in the case of the shin, elbow, and knee pads, over other clothing as long as the fit isn’t compromised by thicker layers underneath. G-Form protective gear can be washed with soap and warm water and hung to dry, which given that it’s athletically geared wearables makes it easy to keep them clean.

Our review sample were black with black padded areas. They are also available in a number of trims including yellow pads, or black pads with yellow or red highlights.


G-Form’s Pro-X Compression Shorts and other products use G-Form RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) that stiffens on impact to dissipate energy. The low profile, articulated design provides coverage to key areas with its durable construction. The actual padding is a foam pad made from Poron XRD technology.

G-Form RPT explained.

In fact, the company dropped an iPad wrapped in their 6oz RPT Perimeter case from 100,000+ feet up to demonstrate the protection that it provides.

The same RPT functionality in the case in the video above is present in the padded areas of the compression shorts as well. It is very thin and lightweight, and while I didn’t fall on it or crash during physical activity while wearing it, you can definitely feel the lessened impact when punching a non-padded versus padded area of the shorts. I also banged up against a railing and the side of my bike fairly hard, and the padding most definitely absorbed most of the impact. I’m extremely confident that were I to suffer a fall while wearing these, they would do a good job of helping to protect my tailbone and hips if those were the areas I was to fall on.

A detailed look at the RPT padding on the G-Form Pro-X compression shorts.

The Pro-B Bike Compression Shorts offer padding in the same areas (without the waistband), while the Pro-G Board and Ski Compression Shorts offer two additional pieces of padding on the bum area. The Pro-X Compression Shirt on the other hand offers padding on the shoulders, collarbone, sides, and chest area, while the shin pads, knee pads, and elbow pads offer padding in the expected areas.

While I definitely wouldn’t expect the G-Form products to prevent a break or sprains, the RPT padding will definitely reduce or even prevent scrapes during a mishap.


The G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts are priced at $99.99USD, which is definitely more expensive than non-padded compression shorts. Taking into account the additional padding and comfort, not to mention not having to purchase bulkier strap on protection, the compression shorts are reasonably priced. Pricing for other G-Form protective gear ranges from $69.99USD to $149.99USD.


If you’re looking for compression shorts, shirts, and other gear with lightweight and flexible padding for extra protection, you should definitely take a look at the G-Form Pro-X and other lines.

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*We were sent a review sample of the G-Form Pro-X Compression Shorts for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 20, 2020.


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