New Narcos trailer asks #WhoKilledPablo?


Narcos is one of our favourite Netflix shows here at Techaeris, and being based on the true story of Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug lord and trafficker, his death in the series is only a matter of time. With Season 2 set to debut on the streaming service on September 2nd, I’m sure many viewers weren’t expecting Netflix to kill off Escobar so quickly. But that seems to be the case as the latest trailer is aptly titled #WhoKilledPablo. The new key art for the show also hints at Escobar’s imminent demise.

Narcos Season 2 key art.

Pablo Escobar was killed in a shootout with Colombian police and military forces back on December 2, 1993. It looks like Netflix is opting to take a more ambiguous approach by suggesting that any number of groups could have been responsible for the drug lord’s demise. Hopefully you’ve finished Season 1, if not, there will be a few spoilers going forward — you’ve been warned.

Narcos stars Wagner Moura Escobar, with Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal portraying real-life DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Peña. At the end of the first season, we see Escobar managing to escape his prison and Season 2 will start with him on the run. The DEA, Search Bloc, Cali Cartel, and Los Pepes are all after him for one reason or another, but all want payback of some sort. Netflix wants you to answer the question of #WhoKilledPablo, and you can vote by heading over to the Narcos Netflix page and voting.

As much as I’d hate to see Narcos end after only two seasons — not saying there won’t be a season 3 but without Escobar there’s not really much point, I do prefer shows that have a clear beginning and end over those that flounder with mediocre seasons just to keep it going.

Narcos definitely looks to be heating up even more for the second season. Who do you think is going to eventually kill Pablo Escobar in the Netflix Narcos series? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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