Samsung may remotely disable your Note7 if you don’t exchange it

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Yes, everyone has been talking nonstop about this recall. And yes we already told you about it and how to proceed without losing your data; but here is the thing; I’m boarding a plane in a couple of days. I hate flying more than most things on this planet. The last thing I want to do is to spend the whole 17 hour flight (Europe… Y U so far away ?) cowering in the bathroom the first time I see someone whip out their S pen. I guess I just don’t have that Apple level of “courage.” So I will keep reminding people to send their precious little time-bombs back to Samsung until the last of these things are off the streets and I can lock myself in the airplane bathroom for more appropriate reasons: too many airport cocktails. In case you still choose to ignore all these pleas, Samsung may leave you will little choice and just disable the phone remotely to help you move along with the process.

If a discussion on Reddit is accurate, Samsung will begin turning all un-exchanged Note7 phones into bricks, from the safety of their offices. They realize that doing so immediately is impractical so users will be given a little more time to follow their instructions. While the reddit user is from France and claims that is the procedure in that country, his main comment remains inconclusive if it will be Samsung’s procedure for just France or other countries as well:

We were also told that every recalled phone will be REMOTELY DEACTIVATED after Sept. 30th. It means that we practically have no other choice than following the procedure.

So if you are still carrying the phone you bought originally and are not on fire, after September 30th, you may be left with nothing more than a very pretty and expensive paperweight.

In case you need even more of a reason, let me appeal to your senseless greed. If you exchange your Note7, you will not only get a brand new phone but the newest version of the Samsung VR and $25 in return. Doesn’t that sound better than listening to me sobbing in the bathroom for 17 hours?

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