Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones now available in black


Master & Dynamic may not be a household name quite yet when it comes to headphones and earbuds. We’ve reviewed several pairs of their headphones in the past and in each instance have come away quite impressed. Their headphones provide a big, powerful sound and have earned top marks from several different reviewers here at Techaeris. The New York-based company have added to their audio arsenal with the ME05 earphones. Today Master & Dynamic has announced that the ME05 Earphones will be available in black. This is in addition to the standard brass, and palladium finishes.

Meet the ME05 Family… looks great in any color.

The release was short and sweet, getting directly to the point:

Made of solid brass, a metal known for its acoustic properties, the ME05 Earphones utilize 8mm custom neodymium drivers that produce Master & Dynamic’s signature rich, warm sound profile. Laser etching and mirror accents compliment the look, making previous iterations of the product a hit with the tech crowd, the fashion world and everyone in-between. The black ME05 Earphones will be available at for $199 starting September 13th.

The brass construction is definitely an interesting choice when it comes to earbuds. I just so happen to have a pair of the ME05 earphones in for review. They are not the new black color scheme, but based on what I’ve seen the black will look fantastic on these earbuds. As far as how they sound, and everything else you might want to know? You’ll have to wait for my full review in the near future, but spoiler: they sound fantastic. That really shouldn’t be much of a surprise based on what we’ve seen from Master & Dynamic in the past.

You can head on over to Master & Dynamic and check out the ME05 Earphones as well as our M&D MH40 and M&D MW60 headphones reviews.


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