Do yourself a favor and don’t try to buy an iPhone today

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Media outlets all over the internet and even the mainstream media have been reporting it since yesterday: the iPhone has sold out. Whether you choose to believe that the “magical” smartphone is actually sold out, or that Apple strategically manages its inventory for a better marketing position one thing is clear: stores will have little to none for you to buy today. T-Mobile even sent a shiny press release announcing the best iPhone sales in the history of the company and many websites ran that very press release. While we won’t know for certain if the iPhone supply chain is actually back ordered and sold out, we do know from sources that you probably won’t get to buy an iPhone today.

Speaking to an AT&T representative, who wished to remain anonymous, they indicated that their store and other stores in their area only had 6 iPhone 7’s in stock. The representative wouldn’t speak for the whole of AT&T but suspects that every store has around the same inventory. What about Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint? Can you buy the new iPhone there today? Well, according to Chris Sewell over on Google+, he spoke to some wireless representatives who claim T-Mobile only has 2-3 iPhone 7’s per store, Verizon has about the same and Sprint has none. None of the wireless carriers will have the iPhone 7 Plus.

Media outlets are already warning that even the Apple store will have limited quantities of the device so trying to buy one there might have better odds but probably not great. Of course Apple and their media partners are hailing this is a success having sold out. But as we mentioned before, there are some who believe that Apple is simply strategically managing its stock to create the buzz a product needs to market it more successfully. Limiting the number of iPhones provided to carriers for pre-orders and in store sales helps when those carriers report they’ve sold out and gone to back order.

Only Apple will really know the truth about its inventories. The rest of us will have to either choose to believe they’re actually sold out or speculate they’re playing the marketing game. Either way, I would stay home and enjoy life today, you can always order an iPhone online anyway.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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