Tim Cook insists those magical AirPods will not fall out

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The marketing strategy for Apple’s new AirPods is to continuously refer to them as “magical.” We heard the term magical many times in the Apple Keynote address a few weeks ago and magical even shows up on the Apple website. While it’s not a shocker that a company would try to use keywords to influence your purchasing habits, sometimes the public doesn’t buy into it. When the AirPods were announced, many consumers didn’t know what to make of them. The internet exploded with meme’s and parody pictures of the odd looking AirPods, even Team Coco got in on the act. Now Tim Cook is attempting some damage control assuring users that the magical AirPods will not fall out of your ears.

Even Business Insider’s Steve Kovach has assured users that the AirPods will remain in place under regular and strenuous activities, they even made a video for it.

One of the most common questions: Will they fall out if you run around or work out at the gym? I’ve been using the AirPods since Apple first announced them last Wednesday, and I’ve put them through their paces. Don’t worry. They won’t fall out. I’ve run on a treadmill. I’ve lifted weights on a bench at the gym. I did jumping jacks and pushups. So far, the AirPods have remained snugly in my ears through everything.

We can’t speak to how well AirPods will perform in ear but I have used Apple’s EarPods and those are surprisingly comfortable and never fell out of my ears (though I didn’t like their sound). I think the larger issue some users are having with AirPods is, they admittedly look a bit silly dangling from your ear. Some of the backlash could also steam from the fact Apple has removed the headphone jack from the iPhone leaving millions to either use the included dongle or invest in wireless headphones. Of course Apple would prefer if you purchased their $159 AirPods. Maybe they are magical? :O

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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