iPhone 6 Plus explodes in students back pocket

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Darin Hlavaty, a student at Rowan College in Burlington County New Jersey, was going about his day when he felt a burning sensation on his leg.

I felt this crazy, hot burning in my leg.

He never thought that his iPhone 6 Plus would explode in his back pocket but apparently it did just that. With the recent recall of exploding Note7 smartphones and recent reports of iPhone 7 models exploding. It seems reports are just continuing to come in about exploding smartphones.

“Right as class was starting, my phone started smoking in my pocket. It was a fire,” said Hlavaty.

“Out of nowhere, we heard a fizzing and a popping sound. Suddenly, a great mass of smoke comes out from his pocket,” said Rebecca Bookbinder, a student.

Bookbinder had been sitting nearby.

“Everyone was kind of like, ‘What is that? What is that? And then we all realized that’s his phone that combusted in the middle of class,” said Bookbinder.

“It was super hot so I flinched, grabbed it, threw it on the ground – had to kick it because it was on fire,” said Hlavaty.


While Samsung has done a full recall on their Note7 device some are even reporting that the new devices are still exhibiting overheating and battery issues. Reports of smartphones catching fire or exploding aren’t really new but the spotlight the Note7 case took on has shed new light on smartphones in general. This is probably not the first iPhone 6 Plus that has exploded or caught fire and it certainly seems like smartphone battery safety is becoming an issue.

While the consensus is that smartphones are generally safe, the increased explosion reports paired with Samsung’s recall is starting to call into question that train of thought. Apple hasn’t made any official statements on these recent exploding iPhones and likely will not until there are more cases. Though we do think the company should follow Samsung’s lead and check on the batteries used in their own devices.

What do you think of exploding smartphones? Do you think these incidents are increasing or is it just that they’re being reported more often? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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