Seidio Surface review: Still a reliable and durable iPhone case

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We’ve been doing Seidio smartphone case reviews for a few years now and the Seidio Surface has returned to our office. Let’s take a look at what Seidio has to offer with this slim, dual-layer iPhone 7/7 Plus case. Read on for the full Seidio Surface review!


Slim in profile but durable in protection. The Seidio Surface is split up into three different parts, the inner TPU liner which acts a shock absorber and the top and bottom outer shell. Around the back of the Surface is the signature Seidio kickstand which many people absolutely love. There is the usual cutout for the Apple logo, which Seidio adds a protective cover over so dust won’t get in the back of the case. But be careful with that plastic cover, it can pop up easy if you happen to push on it. Overall the design remains pretty much the same as last years model. Slim, sleek, a nice grippy material on the outer shell, and overall just well done. The Surface comes in several different color choices but I found Black/Black to be my preferred choice.



Slip the inner TPU cover over the iPhone, slide on the top portion of the case over the phone, slide on the bottom portion until the two pieces click together, and you’re done. Installation is a breeze, but be aware that the fit is snug, so you may have to work it a bit in order to get it on.


The Surface is one of those mid-level protective cases that fall into light use territory for me. I like to give the example of someone’s morning work commute. If you’re driving to work every day and don’t come into contact with a lot of people, these types of cases are great. It will protect your phone from a good spill and it has a nice raised lip around the screen. But if you’re a public transportation commuter and use buses, trains, and the like you’re more likely to get bumped and jostled around. If the latter is your situation then I’d look up one more grade in Seidio’s lineup just to be safe. The Surface will protect your phone well, but for me having some extra protection in a commuter lifestyle is important. The Seidio Surface is probably not for heavy-duty workers like firefighters and construction workers. Overall this is great protection in a slim package but be aware of where you’re going to be using your phone and plan on the right level of protection as you see it.



The Surface is more than competitively priced with the competition. Similar manufactures cases can run a few dollars more than the $29.95 Seidio is asking for the Surface. It’s a nice case and worth the money.

Wrap Up

Slim, light, durable and reliable. The Surface is still a solid choice in iPhone cases.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Seidio Surface for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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