New Overwatch hero Sombra, Halloween event may appear in new leak

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Blizzard has been leaving clues and teasing the existence of a new playable character for some time. Sombra is a name that most players have at least heard, and some have gone to great lengths to learn more about. Blizzard has turned her reveal into an augmented reality game of sorts, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to follow. The best look we have seen may have come from a Russian Overwatch group, with some possible details on a Halloween event along for the ride.

The URL and page where this group found the information about Sombra has been taken down, but screenshots give us a completely plausible character design as well as some information on the character that fits within the lore of the game.


While the text is cut off, what we can read absolutely fits in with what has already been uncovered about the character. She is known to be a proficient hacker, which is covered in the text. She has worked with the Los Muertos gang in Mexico, and was recruited by the Talon organization. The Talon connection is pretty well known, as you can hear existing playable character Reaper — a former member of Talon — talking about Sombra in the game on occasion. It’s mentioned that as a child, Sombra lost everything during the Omnic Crisis. Members of the same Overwatch group point out some striking similarities to a character shown in the original Overwatch team posters.


The woman on the far right of the team poster could easily be Sombra’s mother, and if she were killed during the Omnic Crisis, and if Overwatch were in some way responsible that could easily explain why Sombra was willing to work with Talon.

The Dorado map has also been a source for Sombra information, and comparisons have been made between the in-game newspapers on Dorado and this leak. There are some definite similarities in shape and character design.


And really, this design absolutely looks like someone that would fit in with the current crop of Overwatch heroes. It will be interesting to see how a stealth/hacker hero will integrate with a pretty balanced group. Could we see Sombra offer a counter to Bastion or Torbjörn turrets? A remote hack that allowed Sombra to take control of Bastion or a Torbjörn turret for a short time would be a great ability for sure. She would have to have some other abilities though because specials that are only effective against two characters wouldn’t always be the most helpful. With all of the robotic limbs on other characters maybe she’ll just be able to shut down any robotics for a short time? I’m confident that Blizzard will have some effective abilities for Sombra once she is released.

We may not need to wait too much longer either, signs currently point at October 18th as a possible release date for the character. Part of the Sombra ARG, has been incrementally “installing” for some time (currently at just over 87%), with an expected completion date of the 18th. This could also coincide with a planned Halloween event for the game.

There are some potential clues to the Halloween event on the leaked image as well. It can be inferred that there will be a type of tower/castle defense mode where you’ll be protecting “the castle door from Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies.” Sounds like a brawl mode at Eichenwalde to me.

We’ll have to wait and see if any of these leaks pan out. But in the meantime, what do you think about the possible design and story for Sombra? How about the Halloween event? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on October 11, 2016.


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