Overwatch Halloween event arrives, can you defeat Dr. Junkenstein?

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It was only yesterday that we saw some leaked information that may have been our best look yet at the mystery character Sombra. Along with that leak, some information about the Overwatch Halloween event came through as well. Turns out that leak was 100% accurate on the Halloween event, we’ll have to wait and see if the Sombra information was correct as well.

The Overwatch Halloween event follows the same general path as the Olympics event from a few months ago. There are special player skins, sprays, emotes, and more that you can collect in special Halloween-themed Loot Boxes. You’ll get a free one just for logging in for the first time during the event, and then standard Loot Box rules will apply. Now don’t get me wrong, the Olympics player skins were cool, but there are at least four Halloween skins that I just need. As usual, you can buy the skins with any coins you have saved up, but be warned, the two likely most popular skins — Junkrat as Dr. Junkenstein and Mercy’s Witch costume — are 3000 coins each. Thankfully most of the rest are only 750, and there are still some great skins to be had at that price.


The Halloween event itself is, as was leaked, a brawl map at Eichenwalde. This brawl breaks from tradition a bit in a couple ways. It is, as was expected, the Revenge of Dr. Junkenstein. Junkrat has gone (even more) off the deep end, and as Dr. Junkenstein is sending wave after wave of Zomnics at your team. Your team is comprised of only four characters, and there are only four characters to choose from, meaning the team makeup will always be the same. You’ll have access to the Alchemist (Ana), the Archer (Hanzo), the Gunslinger (McCree), or the Soldier (Soldier: 76). From playing a few rounds I  can tell you that you’re probably going to end up playing 3 vs. the horde, as I’ve seen whoever got stuck as Ana dropping a few times. If you like playing as Ana, you’ll be most everyone’s favorite teammate in this mode.

Dr. Junkenstein awaits
Dr. Junkenstein awaits

Along with the Zomnics, you’ll also run into The Reaper (Reaper, obviously), Dr. Junkenstein’s Monster (Roadhog’s Halloween skin), and The Witch (Mercy). You’ll have to fight your way through wave after wave and the only healing you’ll receive is via either Ana’s healing rifle or Soldier 76’s special ability. If the Zomnics destroy the castle door, or if all players are knocked out at the same time you lose.

There’s some fun new voice over not only during the introduction to the brawl but also the dialogue between each of the four characters that isn’t found in the normal game modes.

The Halloween event is going on now through November 1st on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, so save those coins to get the skins you want, and give Ana a chance in the brawl, really, don’t just drop, that hurts the team.

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