dodocool Type-C charger review: Affordably replace your lost MacBook charger

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So you have a shiny new 12″ MacBook and you lost the $50 charger or it got crushed under your BFGoodrich radials. That really sucks cause shelling out $50USD for Apple’s OEM part is no fun. Well, dodocool has you covered and can save you $30 out of the gate. Read on for our short lightning review of the dodocool 30W Type-C PD Charger.


The charger is white just like any Apple product but it does have a more angular look to it. While Apple opts for a rounded corners design the dodocool is more square with sharp corners. The prongs flip in and out (just like Apple’s design) and the included USB-C cable has a nice Velcro tie strap that helps keep the cable neatly stored when not in use. Overall it looks a lot like an Apple charger without the Apple logo.


Ease of Use

The dodocool Type-C charger is pretty simple to use, simply plug and play and that is about all there is to this device. The included USB-C cable does feel a little cheap and it’s very short compared to Apple’s cable. Although Apple’s cable doesn’t come with their charger and is another $30USD. There’s really not much to using this, if you know how to plug stuff in I think you’re qualified to use this charger.


The dodocool charged my MacBook just fine and without issue. The length of the cable is a bit of a pain but you can always buy a longer one on Amazon. I did read some Amazon reviews that claimed their cables weren’t working properly but I did not experience that issue (yet). Overall the performance is good but you should be wary of the cable itself, it just doesn’t feel as well built as the charger. I’d almost recommend buying a new one which is still cheaper than Apple’s combined $80 for charger and cable.



For $18.99USD you’re saving $30USD over the Apple OEM charger and even if you have to buy a longer cable, it’s not a bad investment.

Wrap Up

Great charger, iffy cable, super price. The charger was only tested on the 12″ MacBook and no other devices, I cannot say how this will perform with other USB Type-C devices so use at your own risk.

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*We were sent a sample of the dodocool Type-C Charger for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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