Air by crazybaby claim to be the best wire-free headphones for iPhone 7

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Wire-free headphones for everyone! That’s the battle cry from many headphone and sound companies right now and they are rushing to the market to get your dollars. crazybaby is one of those companies and they’re introducing the Air wire-free headphones and hope to make your wallet a little less green. The company is claiming that Air are the best wire-free headphones on the market. This is a bold claim for a product that hasn’t even seen the market yet and with many other players preparing to enter the field. Here’s a few highlights crazybaby have given us about the these wire-free headphones.


  • Untangled freedom: Simply wireless BLE 4.2 earbuds, perfect match with iPhone 7 and all mainstream mobiles.
  • Auto-Pairing: Unlike traditional bluetooth earphones which requires manual pairing, the pairing is automatically done once Air is out of the capsule, and will maintain signal stability with less connection drops.
  • Charge On-the-Go: Crazy-Capsule is a portable earbuds container with magnetic charging ability. One hour charging of the capsule is enough to charge the Air three times. Enough for full day usage and and elegant storage solution.
  • True Wireless Stereo: Air is equipped with the latest CSR HD audio chip to be smaller and more portable, but with impressive sound quality.
  • Tap & Play: Air incorporates power, call, voice assistant and music control all in one omni-functional button.
  • Snug & Comfortable: Air offers great support to your ear and will stay firmly on no matter how hard you jump or run. Its curved design guarantees comfort and painlessness during long time usage.

With HD resolution for an immersion music experience and true stereo surround sound, as well as universal connectivity, not just with Apple and Android smartphones, but with all Bluetooth devices, Air by crazybaby are the only wireless earbuds that solve the age old problem of sound quality and stable connectivity. Welcome to your wireless future.

“Sound and connection is to the essence of Air by crazybaby’s design. Customized true wireless sound technology makes sure you hear every detail of the music. Consistent and reliable connection powered by latest CSR technology make Air the best in its category,” said crazybaby founder Allen Zhang.

These certainly look interesting and the whole wire-free headphone market should start looking interesting as more companies come to market. The crazybaby headphones are expected to be $159USD MSRP but crazybaby says they will go on sale at $89 when available. What do you think of these? What do you think of wire-free headphones? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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