Alexa hacked into Big Mouth Billy Bass


Virtual assistants are all the rage these days and Alexa is one of the names competing for the space. Now we have a new entrant into a ripe playing field of virtual assistants, Alexa – Big Mouth Billy Bass edition. Yes some awesome tinkerer out there came up with the brilliant idea to hack Alexa into a Big Mouth Billy Bass mounted fish and it is epic. Just watch Big Mouth Billy Bass rattle off some information in the Tweet below.

There is serious competition happening right now between Alexa and Google Assistant with Siri dragging its rear at the end of the field. We already know that Amazon has opened up Alexa to other devices and perhaps this is the start of a fun trend. I can see it now, talking Winnie The Pooh’s and Barbie Dolls all sporting the Alexa virtual assistant. While right now there’s no clear winner in the virtual assistant wars, other than fanboys flaming on each other, Alexa is the clear winner here in terms of someone hacking it into an amazing piece of As Seen On TV crapware.

What did you think of the Alexa/Big Mouth Billy Bass hack? Did this give you a good Friday laugh? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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