Sombra officially unveiled in new Overwatch animated short

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Let me just say… IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME Blizzard! Sombra has been quite possibly the worst-kept secret in videogame history. That might be a stretch, but we’ve known about her for quite some time. Blizzard turned her announcement into an alternate reality game of sorts, leaving clues and breadcrumbs for gamers to follow in order to learn more about this latest Overwatch character. With Blizz-con 2016 starting today, it seemed an appropriate time for the newest hero to take the stage in her own animated short. In “Infiltration,” we finally get to meet Sombra.

Turns out the leaked information about a few weeks ago was pretty spot on with Sombra’s look, though speculation as to her release date was a bit off. In this short, we see the computer whiz/hacker we expected, we see the purple hair/attire we expected, and we see the affiliation with Talon… as expected. We also see that affiliation seem to sour a bit, or at the very least we see Sombra keeping her options open, though without any further information about her backstory.

We also see what will likely end up being some of her special abilities in the game exposed via the video. Blizzard has used their animated shorts as a way to show off some special and ultimate abilities — Reaper’s Death Blossom and Winston’s Primal Rage in the original short, for example. Nothing in “Infiltration” really screams Ultimate Ability to me, at least nothing that would make sense to have in the game. Sombra’s ability to control the omnics in the animation would only really be effective in games against Bastions or possibly Torbjörn turrets, and it’s unlikely that she’ll be able to call in/use any of the giant robots on the Volskaya Industries map. (Blizzard has since added Sombra’s player page with information on all of her abilities).

We do, however, see what will likely be one of her abilities in the form of teleportation. She drops a device at one point in a map and is able to return to that point, similar to Tracer’s recall ability. We also see her using machineguns, as was expected via the earlier leak. What we couldn’t have possibly seen on a leaked sheet of paper though: the boop…


What did you think of “Infiltration?” Are you excited to play as Sombra in Overwatch? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.


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