GLASS protects your Jet Black iPhone 7 without hiding it

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If you own a Jet Black iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus you know that fingerprints and scratches are a big problem. You can solve the problem by slapping a skin or case on your pretty Jet Black phone, but then you’re covering up the reason you bought the phone in the first place. Apple is well aware that the Jet Black iPhone has issues with scratching, they even offer up a warning in the fine print about it. Now one company is trying to give you another option for protection of that Jet Black finish without covering it up. GLASS is a case made by SwitchEasy that looks awfully interesting and could very well be your solution.

With SwitchEasy GLASS, we have created something thats never ever seen in a case. At 7H hardness and with optical transparency rated at 90%, its the most durable and transparent case you’ll ever get. With our ultra durable, ultra transparent glass back, you can now enjoy your Jet Black without compromising its beauty.

The best way to protect Jet Black iPhones is not to touch its delicate back. By specifically allowing a 1mm gap between the phone and the glass back, less than 13 percent of your iPhone’s surface is contacted by our case. Our rigid case structure composed of aluminium and glass made sure the gap between glass and your phone will never be compromised. No contact means No chances for scratches. It’s just that simple.

It’s an interesting design but the aluminum frame that wraps around the antenna bands does worry me when it comes to reception. SwitchEasy does say their new ” wireless pass-through design” should keep your wireless signal strong and consistent. It is a cool design though and for $39.99USD it’s not a horrible price to check it out. I would tell SwitchEasy to dump the massive branding on the back as well as the SwitchEasy branding on the side and wireless pass through branding on the top and bottom. Users don’t like obnoxious branding and SwitchEasy has some pretty obnoxious branding here. Still interesting and you can check out the Indiegogo below if you’re game for something different.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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