Rumored Nintendo Switch price leaked, $250 for base version


Let’s Play Video Games is reporting that according to well vetted sources, the UK game retailer GAME has been told the wholesale price to retailers for Nintendo’s upcoming console/handheld hybrid. If these rumors are true, the base version of the Nintendo Switch will sell for £199.99/$249.99.

They continue to suggest that a second version of the console, apparently with increased internal storage and a pack-in game will sell for £249.99/$299.99, while additional Switch Pro controllers will sell for £39.99/$49.95. The suggested US prices are based strictly on a conversion from their own leaked UK pricing, as they’ve also been told that Nintendo would prefer to keep the price of the console comparable to the currency conversion price across multiple regions. This could be a sign that they want the console to be region-free, which is a nice perk for gamers that like to purchase foreign games.

To be honest though, that price seems a bit low. Trust me, I wouldn’t complain if Nintendo came out and confirmed those prices. But considering the type of hardware that would be necessary for the type of functionality they’ve teased in their announcement video, that price point seems unlikely.

Nintendo could conceivably be trying to sell the Switch as a loss leader, expecting that money would be recouped from game sales. That’s an awfully risky proposition for Nintendo though, after 3rd party support for previous consoles (with the exception of the Wii) has been tepid at best, and their first party titles — while generally excellent — aren’t released frequently enough to make up for a big disparity in console price.

We’ll just have to take this rumor with a grain of salt until Nintendo officially announces the price for their next console. What do you think? Would you pay $249/$299 for a Nintendo Switch? Do you think that’s too low? Too high? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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