Meizu EP2X review: Super budget friendly earbuds with average performance

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Headphone reviews have become normal fare for us, from high-end, mid-range and now down to super budget friendly. The Meizu EP2X earbuds are some of the cheapest earbuds you’ll find online, barring some on Amazon, but how do they sound? Find out our thoughts on the Meizu EP2X earbuds in our full review.


Just looking at the images of the Meizu EP2X earbuds there is no doubt the company is trying to emulate Apple’s Ear Pods. To be fair, many other headphone companies have taken to the same type of Ear Pod design. That being said, they’re not a bad design at all. Unquestionably these are made from cheaper plastics and the cable is a bit on the thin side and is most certainly going to tangle up on you. The inline mic has the traditional volume up/down and call button along with the mic of course. The instructions are literally in Chinese, not that you’ll need them but it is worth noting.


Sound quality is average and pretty much on par with Apple’s Ear Pods, if you’re an audiophile you need not even look here. That being said, the sound is fairly flat with no noticeable EQ going on, which some may prefer. If you’re into deep bass then the Meizu EP2X aren’t for you, these are about as bass heavy as a mandolin. Don’t get me wrong, the sound is decent enough and for $19USD I wasn’t expecting rock star performance, but you should know that too. If you’re looking to immerse yourself into your tunes, these are probably not for you. These are bare bones basic as you can get earbuds.

Call Quality

Calls were clear and the mic was good, the earbuds don’t seal very well so you can still hear ambient noise around you but it wasn’t awful.


These are probably the cheapest headphone/earbuds I’ve reviewed on the site and for the $19USD asking price, they do hold some value for those just looking to pump some tunes into their heads.

Wrap Up

Super budget friendly buds with average performance, not for audiophiles, but at this price you’re not getting a horrible deal.

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*We were sent a sample of the Meizu EP2X for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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