CM4/Silk iPhone case reviews: There’s a case for just about everyone

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Not everyone needs or wants a case for their phone but if you do happen to want a case, CM4 and Silk have you covered. CM4/Silk sent over a couple handfuls of cases for us to look at and we’ve bunched them up into one single review. Read on to find out what we thought of the case selection from CM4 and Silk.


  • CM4 Q Card case$39.99USD: This is a wallet case that fits 3 cards plus some cash on the backside of the case. The sides have a nice grippy texture which feels nice in the hand and the buttons have good tactile feedback. The back also has a slot which can be used to prop up the phone (kickstand style) with one of your inserted cards and is kind of convenient. The addition of the card slots on the back doesn’t add a lot of thickness, but you do feel a difference once 3 cards and cash are added. Materials are quality leather and plastics, nothing feels chintzy here.
  • Silk Vault Slim wallet case$14.99USD: The Vault Slim wallet case is much like the CM4 Q Card case minus the leather and it feels a bit thicker even without cards. That probably has to do with the card slot being made from plastic and not leather. Buttons here also have good tactile feedback and the materials feel good but definitely cheaper feeling than the CM4. Unlike the CM4 case, this Silk case and all the other Silk cases included a screen protector which is a nice touch.
  • Silk Base Grip case$11.99USD: The Base Grip case is one of Silk’s most basic cases but it is really slim and has a good texture for a good grip. It also provides air cushions that are supposed to dissipate any drop impact which should help protect your phone. Once again, good tactile feedback on the buttons and the port cutout is ample enough for most third-party connectors.
  • Silk Pureview Glitter case$14.99USD: Another pretty basic case but slightly thicker and more rigid than the Base Grip case and also has a nice rubbery grip. The Pureview has shock-absorbing edges and sides providing good impact protection. The glitter embedded into the inside of the case remind me of those jelly shoes that were popular (who knows they may still be) around ten or twelve years ago. Once again, tactile feedback in the buttons is great, ample cutouts, and it includes a screen protector.
  • Silk Pureview case$11.99USD: Basically the same exact thing as the Glitter case but without the glitter, if you want a clear case to show off your iPhone this could work. The TPU does throw off a bit of a rainbow effect which could look cool to some but does distract from looking at the iPhone’s design.
  • Silk Folio Wallet case$14.99USD: Probably the thickest case sent to us and more like a ladies clutch with a case. It adds a significant amount of bulk to your hand but it also holds 3 credit cards, cash, and has a security strap. There’s also an elastic band that you can use to tuck more stuff under or wrap around the back of the case to keep it closed more securely. Materials feel nice in the hand but it’s not real leather, which is fine at this price point.
  • Silk Sofi Wallet case$19.99USD: Another wallet case but with a flip cover instead. The inside of the flip cover is where you can slip one or two cards and some cash for storage. I’m not a fan of keeping cards against the screen like this, but it shouldn’t be an issue since there is a screen protector included. The materials are fabric like and are quality made, the inner case is a snap style case that your phone sits in. The Rose Gold color we got is a bit gaudy but that is purely subjective, they do offer Black Onyx and Champagne Gold as well. Access to the buttons is good, and access to the port is excellent.
  • Silk Sofi Fashion case$14.99USD: Basically identical to the Sofi Wallet case minus the front flap and card storage. Materials once again feel like quality and buttons are super easy to reach with good port cutouts. The colors for this case are going to be an acquired taste, the Rose Gold and Champagne Gold colors aren’t something I’d particularly go for.
  • Silk Armor Tough case$24.99USD: Probably the most rigid case of the lot and most rugged looking. Tactile feedback from the buttons is excellent and the cutouts are once again great. The edges are made from this rubbery grip material that keeps the phone from slipping out of the hand. The best thing about the Armor is there are not one but two screen protectors included and they’re tempered glass screen protectors.
  • Silk Snap Shell case$9.99USD: The most basic case the company offers provides a nice grip, good access to buttons and ports. This one is bare bones keep scratches off your phone type of case, it barely feels like it’s there.


  • CM4 Q Card case – Good protection, nice raised lip and cards/cash in the back actually add to the protection.
  • Silk Vault Slim wallet case – Good protection, raised lip and added plastic hump for cards adds protection.
  • Silk Base Grip case – Decent protection, grippy so helps for keeping the phone in hand and adds air cushion protection on the interior.
  • Silk Pureview Glitter case – Really good protection, has an excellent raised lip, corners are nicely reinforced and sides have extra cushion.
  • Silk Pureview case – Mirrors the Pureview but if you don’t like glitter then this one isn’t for you.
  • Silk Folio Wallet case – Excellent protection, with all the added padding this is like wrapping your phone in protection but it is really bulky.
  • Silk Sofi Wallet case – Excellent protection, another flip cover style case that offers all around protection but does add some thickness.
  • Silk Sofi Fashion case – Good protection, is basically the same as the Sofi Wallet but without the added protection benefit of the front flap.
  • Silk Armor Tough case – Excellent protection, the Armor is rigid and has impact protection all around plus a raised front lip. Add the included tempered glass screen protectors and this is probably the best protective case of the bunch.
  • Silk Snap Shell case – Basic protection, this is bare bones here, a simple snap shell that will protect against minor drops and scratches.

Overall these all provide protection in various ranges but they do a good job in their own categories. I like that Silk has provided screen protectors in all of their products and I wish CM4 would have added one as well.


Install of all of these cases is pretty much identical to any other case on the market. Carefully slide your phone in volume rocker side first and snap into place. The Silk Armor Tough comes with a glass screen protector so be sure to follow the instructions properly to fit it correctly. All of the other cases come with basic screen protectors which aren’t as fragile as the glass one but you should still take care not to bend them.


The CM4 Card case is priced at $34.99USD while the Silk cases range from $9.99USD to $24.99USD. Pricing is pretty lined up with industry standards and the quality and construction of these cases are in line with industry standards as well.

Wrap Up

CM4/Silk have a nice line of cases here with just about something for everyone and these guys are certainly worth a look at. If you’re interested in checking them out you can hit the links below to visit their websites or Amazon shop as well.

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*We were sent samples of these CM4 cases for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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