MOCACARE introduces MOCACuff, a more traditional blood pressure device

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Our health is important, and blood pressure is a metric used by doctors to keep an eye on our heart health. MOCACARE is a company that wants to help you reach your health goals, and they know that heart health is an important thing to consider in any diet or exercise regimen. Today, MOCACARE has announced their newest product: MOCACuff, a wrist-worn blood pressure monitor that syncs with the MOCAcare app.

You may have read our review on the MOCAheart device, MOCACARE’s first foray into health devices. MOCAheart is a small device that tracks your blood velocity, a lesser-known health metric that relates to blood pressure. As a refresher, I showed the device to my doctor and explained a bit about what it was reading. While he was interested, he was unfamiliar with that particular health indicator.


MOCACuff fits in with more traditional health reading devices since it takes your standard blood pressure readings using a wrist-worn design. It differentiates itself from other BP monitors by syncing with the MOCACARE app. The app allows you to more easily track your progress over time, as well as see specially curated health tips to help you achieve your health goals.

MOCACuff is available now at for $69.99. You can read more about the MOCACuff in the full press release below.

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MOCACARE Expands Heart Health Portfolio with MOCACuff, a State-of-the-Art Blood Pressure Cuff Worn on the Cuff
MOCACuff and the MOCACARE App Deliver Results and Advice Loosening the Grip of Hypertension

November 21, 2016 – Palo Alto, C.A.—MOCACARE (, a Silicon Valley based company at the heart of the connected health movement has today expanded its range of advanced, yet super simple, cardiovascular monitoring devices with the launch of MOCACuff, a sleek FDA-approved wireless blood pressure monitor that fits comfortably on the wrist. Priced at $69.99, MOCACuff is designed with style and comfort in mind – avoiding the problems of bulky and difficult to place traditional cuffs worn on the upper arm. Without sacrificing accuracy, MOCACuff makes it easy to incorporate blood pressure monitoring into your everyday routine and receive instant, actionable insights to improve your health.

MOCACuff is the second product in the MOCACARE line. It joins the highly acclaimed MOCAheart device that uses thumb scans to measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and pulse wave velocity – a measurement of arterial stiffness that is correlated to blood pressure and widely recognized as one of the best indicators of overall cardiovascular health.

Worn on the Cuff

The beautifully designed MOCACuff allows those looking to proactively monitor or improve existing cardiovascular conditions with a smaller, easier alternative to bulky arm cuffs. Worn on the wrist, it is a suitable option for those who find current cuffs on the upper arm uncomfortable or ill fitting – one of the most common problems associated with inaccurate or failed readings. Once on, the wrist is brought to heart level and a reading is ready to be performed at the touch-of-a-button. After each reading, the MOCACuff screen displays pulse rate, systolic and diastolic measurements, and a color-coded indicator that corresponds to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) blood pressure categories, allowing users to see where their health stands.

Heart of the Matter

The MOCACARE App is now the first to combine Pulse Wave Velocity and Blood Pressure to manage heart health. Both MOCACuff and MOCAheart devices connect to the MOCACARE App (Android and iOS compatible) to provide an even more intuitive and insightful heart health monitoring experience for users on their smartphone. MOCACuff sets itself apart from other devices by helping users visualize their goals and track progress through the App. In addition, it provides consumers with expertly-curated, personalized health recommendations, which are in accordance with guidelines from the American Heart Association, to achieve their goals. The MOCACARE App also provides customizable data viewing options; either by displaying results as visual trends or alternatively in a list format.

Features of the MOCACARE App include:

  • Easy sync – With a single tap of a button, your measurement history is synced wirelessly to your smartphone — helping you organize your health data, track and improve your health trends, and achieve your health goals.
  • Heart healthy lifestyle tips – After each measurement, receive actionable insights and tips to improve your heart health. Based on guidelines from the American Heart Association, these tips empower you to take better care of your health.
  • Visualize goals and track progress – Making lifestyle changes? See how your health indicators are improving over time.
  • Share your results – Get support and motivation from your own cheer squad. The HIPAA compliant chat platform makes sharing health data with doctors and loved ones effortless.
  • Multiple users – Allow friends/family to try MOCA devices without disturbing your health trends by removing irregular readings from your measurement history, or create new profiles for other family members.

“At MOCACARE, we’re driven by a goal to simplify heart health monitoring and to make caring for your health an easy, intuitive and reliable experience,” said Naama Stauber, co-founder and COO of MOCACARE. “Like MOCAheart before it, MOCACuff is specifically designed to be as simple as possible for everyone to monitor his or her cardiovascular health. Whether you’re viewing your measurements right away or comparing your results over time, consumers can now take back control of their health without missing a beat.”


MOCACuff is available at and is priced at $69.99. Its full range of features include:

  • Monitors heart rate and systolic and diastolic measurement
  • Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Cuff size: 5.3~7.7 inches (135~195mm), depending on wrist size
  • Cuff weight: 128 +/- 10g
  • Unit Dimension (including case): 2.91 x 2.93 x 1.59 inches
  • Battery Life: DC 3 V, AAA Alkaline Battery x2, Approx. 250 measurements
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0), iOS 8+, Android 4.0.3+
  • Supported by the dedicated Android and iOS MOCACARE App
  • FDA-approved and CE certified

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