VEAR Legs Jacket keeps your bottom half dry in the rain


Rain apparel is an essential piece of gear for an urban commuter in their daily lives. Living in a big city often means walking a fairly good distance in the outdoors and protecting your clothes from getting wet is a must. Rain jackets do an excellent job of protecting your top half and now VEAR wants to protect your bottom half with is basically a rain jacket for your legs. VEAR is a pretty slick pair of pants that zips up and around your legs to cover your clothes. No need to slip your legs in and out or take your shoes off, just wrap them around and zip them up, check out the video below.

Rain is the number one reason why peoples’ commute is often a problem. We thought we had to do something! No one should have to avoid going out because of something as minor as a little bit of rain, and we are set on reducing the amount of people who do so. To take on the challenge, we have designed VEAR, a sleek and stylish, eco-friendly pair of rain pants that zip up on your body just like a jacket does. VEAR Legs Jacket is loaded with features that will keep you comfortable, dry, and safe on your outdoors trips, so you can arrive at your destination in style!

It’s a pretty nifty solution to a problem many urban dwellers face on a daily basis but there are also other uses for them beyond city commutes. They seem like they would be ideal for hiking and camping and for just basic outdoor activities. The Kickstarter has already exceeded its $22,000USD goal and is on its way to $60,000USD with a few weeks left. You can check out the Kickstarter for yourself at the link below.



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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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