Overwatch wins big at The Game Awards, Genji’s Dragonblade IRL

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It’s no secret that some of us here at Techaeris have become enamored with Blizzard’s latest team shooter, Overwatch. It seems that we aren’t the only ones, as the game won big at last night’s The Game Awards. Nominated for six awards, Overwatch came away with four trophies including Best eSports Game, Best Multiplayer, Best Game Direction, and the big one… Game of the Year.

It’s been a great year for Overwatch, and people have really been drawn to the characters that bring the game to life. Even with likable and memorable characters in a shooter, those characters will still need weapons. Thankfully, Blizzard has created some memorable weapons to go along with the characters.

One of the most iconic weapons in the game is Genji’s Dragonblade, his ōdachi named Ryu-ichimonji. Only used during his Ult (Ultimate ability), Genji’s Dragonblade is a powerful, futuristic sword that allows him to deal massive melee damage for a brief time. You’ll know to stay clear when you hear an enemy Genji shout “龍神の剣を喰らえ!” (Ryūjin no Ken wo Kurae!) which translates to “Eat the Dragon sword,” or “Eat the sword of Ryūjin.”

If there’s one thing that the crew from Baltimore Knife and Sword can do, it’s creating what may seem impossible when it comes to fantasy weapons. These guys have re-created everything from Harry Potter’s sword of Gryffindor, to Voltron’s blazing sword (that was actually on fire), to even making a functional Warhammer 40K Chainsword. In this week’s episode, they take a crack at everyone’s favorite cybernetic ninja’s ultimate blade, with a set of his shuriken as a bonus. Check it out below.

Pretty impressive… These guys often find creative solutions for weapons that initially seem impossible. What do you think about the big night Overwatch had at The Game Awards? What do you think about Genji’s Dragonblade IRL? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

Last Updated on December 2, 2016.


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