Todd McFarlane says Spawn movie “slowly moving forward”

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Todd McFarlane rose to comic fame back in the late 80’s and early 90’s with his work on Marvel’s Spider-Man series. After some drama between McFarlane, some other writers, artists, and Marvel, McFarlane and others formed Image Comics. Image Comics was about giving the creators more freedom over their creations and from that Spawn was born. Spawn was pretty much an instant hit and became one of the most recognizable anti-heroes of the 90’s.

Image Comics became very popular not only because of McFarlane and Spawn but also because of Rob Liefield, Jim Lee, Erik Larsen, and others. The company started pushing out quality comics with characters like Savage Dragon, Witchblade, and Youngblood. As the company began to grow and Spawn became even more popular there was the opportunity for a movie and one was indeed made in 1997 starring Michael Jai White, Martin Sheen, and John Leguizamo. The movie wasn’t a bad film for its day but it was very low budget and could have used some more work.

Fans of Spawn have been waiting for a better movie to be made though and some fans have made short films giving their vision of what a good Spawn film might look like.

I jokingly quipped on social media yesterday that we needed a new and proper Spawn film and now Todd McFarlane has given an update on a new film in the works.

“It’s slowly moving forward, just trying to put all the pieces together both from an artistic and a financial. The intent is trying to finance as much as possible internally and then finding partners who will help in the production of it as we move forward,” McFarlane told us. “I can argue getting the money might be harder than getting everybody signed off on the story. What I can tell you is what I’ve told everybody else: it will be a definite R. I’m not going for the same crowd that Marvel and DC is going for; I’m going for the same crowd that horror film releases going for. People who want to take their boyfriend or girlfriend or go out with the girls and go to the movies and get spooked.”

“I’ve been living with the idea for so long that I wanted to direct it, but I knew that if I gave it to Hollywood and they spent a lot of money on it then just from a practical point of view, it wouldn’t be fair for me to then say ‘I want to direct,'” McFarlane said. “It’s not good business to spend $80 million on movie and then give it to somebody who’s not known for directing movies — but if you can make a movie for $10 million, they’ll get a lot of less experienced directors to do those movies. So I knew I needed to keep the story and the budget both tight so that when I go to Hollywood and I say ‘I have to direct it, that’s not even a negotiation, so if you can’t accept that, then the conversation is over quickly,’ then once they understand the scope and size and budget of it, they’re like ‘Oh, okay. It’s not like Todd’s coming in here asking for $100 million and then saying let me direct my first movie. He’s saying ‘Give me $10 million to make a little horror movie and let’s see if we can scare some people. We’ve done that tons of times.”

It doesn’t seem McFarlane is going to put this in the hands of a big budget studio but that doesn’t mean we should lose hope for a good movie. While the old Spawn movie has aged harshly, it was great for the budget they had back then. With effects technology the way it is today, I’m hoping McFarlane can pull off something great with this new film.

What do you think of a new Spawn film? Do you think McFarlane can give us something great on a low budget? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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