Facebook extends its advertising arms into your Roku and Apple TV


As technology has grown advertising has too, and it’s one of those businesses that’s adapted well through the years. Back in the days before the internet, companies didn’t have the benefit of targeted algorithms. Today, companies like Google, Comcast, Time-Warner, Facebook, and Apple all target advertisements based on what you browse, hear, and watch. Now Facebook is extending its advertising efforts to reach into your Roku and Apple TV. The company is testing a new way to serve advertisements through Facebook ID’s tied to the IP address of Roku and Apple TV boxes.

For the past few weeks, the social network says, it’s been targeting ads to people streaming certain shows on their Roku or Apple TV set-top boxes. It customizes commercials based on the Facebook profiles tied to the IP addresses doing the streaming, according to a company spokesman. He says Facebook is trying out this approach with the A&E network (The Killing, Duck Dynasty) and streaming startup Tubi TV, selecting free test ads for nonprofits or its own products along with a handful of name brands. This push is part of a broader effort by social media companies to build their revenue with ads on video.

Advertising is without a doubt a necessary component for many forms of content creation, but many consumers are growing tired of it. Companies, like Facebook, are trying to find new ways to serve advertisements without overwhelming their user base. The broader questions for some users will be “what about our privacy?” How much does Facebook, Google, Comcast and Apple know so much about us and our habits? Head on over to the source link below for more details on Facebook’s partnership with A&E and how they plan on implementing these ads.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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