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2016 Holiday Smartphone Gift Guide: Smartphones, cases, and accessories


Smartphones and smartphone accessories make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers. Here’s a few of our favourites this year.

The next in our annual Holiday Gift Guide series is a selection of smartphones, cases and accessories. Check out what made our Smartphone Gift Guide this year!


Moto Z/Z Play


The Moto Z is the razor-thin future of smartphones, while the Moto Z Play packs a punch with it’s fantastic battery life. Both of these Motorola phones allow you to turn your phone into a movie projector, boombox, battery powerhouse, and more, in a snap with Moto Mods.

Check out our full review on the truly innovative Moto Z and Moto Z Play.

MSRP: $624+ USD/$900CAD (Moto Z – currently $499.99 on Amazon); $408+ USD/$650CAD (Moto Z Play)

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iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. It introduces advanced new camera systems. The best performance and battery life ever in an iPhone. Immersive stereo speakers. The brightest, most colorful iPhone display. Splash and water resistance. And it looks every bit as powerful as it is.

Read our full review to find out what we thought of the latest Apple smartphone.

MSRP: $769+ USD

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Moto G4 Play/Plus

If you’re after a smartphone with just the essentials at a great price, then you’ll definitely want to consider the Moto G4 Play from Motorola. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a close to stock Android smartphone with great battery life, a decent camera, and a larger screen, the Moto G4 Plus should be on your consideration list.

MSRP: $149.99USD (Moto G4 Play); $249.99USD (Moto G4 Plus)

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Smartphone Cases



The thinnest, strongest, dual-layer phone case on the market helps protect your device without compromising style. It’s been said you can never be too slim, nor to beautifully-designed. Seidio’s SURFACE phone case offers proof that it’s true. It’s slimmer-sleeker-cooler and still offers dual-layer protection and a built-in metal kickstand. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. And Seidio’s designers have very good eyes.

We’ve reviewed a few Seidio SURFACE phone cases and have always been impressed. Of course, there are plenty of other worthy Seidio options as well.

MSRP: $29.95+ USD (currently $20+ USD on Amazon)

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Incipio DualPro


Defend your smartphone with the two-part DualPro® Case, which combines a Plextonium™ frame with a silicone core. No matter where life takes you, the DualPro® Case is sure to protect.

We’ve reviewed a number of Incipio cases here at Techaeris, and the Incipio DualPro is another favourite.

MSRP: $7.50+ USD

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From minor bumps to hard drops, UAG protects your favorite phones & tablets with various styles of cases. Many feature an armor shell and impact resistant soft core, feather-light composite construction, oversized tactile buttons, easy access to touchscreen and ports, as well as meet military drop-test standards.

Check out our UAG for iPhone review for more details.

MSRP: $39.95+ USD (currently $29.95+ USD on Amazon)

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CM4 and Silk Innovation


Silk Innovation was founded on the idea that products can be both ingenious and simple. They create innovative products that simplify your life through unique functionality. These products are designed to drive value, both in price and in your daily life. CM4 is a premium experience brand that designs products to enhance the user experience. CM4 offers high quality, distinct design, and superior functionality as an alternative to cheap products that are merchandised and marketed at you, rather than designed for you.

Check out our review for the CM4/Silk cases for iPhone 7 Plus!

MSRP: $9.99+ USD

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A new company to us here at Techaeris, X-Doria iPhone cases and covers are cool and ultra slim iPhone protective cases that are tested to protect your iPhone from drops and scratches. A number of styles and options are available to suit your specific needs.

Be sure to check back soon for our X-Doria iPhone 7 Plus case reviews.

MSRP: $19.99+ USD

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Thinium reCharge+


Thinium ReCHARGE+ is the thinnest 2-in-1 portable battery and wall charger in one handsome package. This versatile product can charge a smartphone from its rechargeable battery, a wall outlet or any USB charging source. You’ll never worry about running out of power again! Available for Apple and microUSB smartphones.

MSRP: $69.99USD

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Moto Mods


If you’ve picked up a Moto Z or Moto Z Play, you’ll definitely want a Moto Mod or four to go along with it. All Moto Mods snap easily onto any Moto Z phone using integrated magnets. They fit perfectly and securely, and you can swap Moto Mods in a snap. There are currently four to choose from, plus Moto Z covers, with more coming soon.

Be sure to check out our Hasselblad True Zoom, Incipio offGRID Power Pack, Moto Insta-Share Projector, and JBL SoundBoost Speaker Moto Mod reviews.

MSRP: $19.99+ USD/$29.99+ CAD

  Purchase from Amazon  Purchase from Motorola (US)  Purchase from Motorola (CA)

RAVPower 20100 mAh External Battery


Thanks to Qualcomm QC 3.0 and RAVPower iSmart technology, the charger can simultaneously charge one Quick Charge device (e.g. Galaxy Note, Nexus 6) and one normal device (like iPhone, iPad). Charge up to 80% of the battery for QC 2.0/3.0 compatible devices when charging for approximately 35 minutes. With USB-C / Type-C cables (not included) you can use this product to power devices such as the newest 12 inch Apple Mac book. The RAVPower 20,100 mAh External Battery is also fully guarded against short circuit and power overload when charging or discharging, the RAVPower charger will automatically shut down protecting your devices and the charger from unnecessary damage.

Check out our review for this RAVPower external battery pack.

MSRP: $69.99USD (currently $47.99USD on Amazon)

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Scosche goBAT 2600



The GoBat™ 2600 is extremely diverse with its 3-in-1 capabilities. While primarily acting as a 7.5 Watt car charger for your mobile device, it can also be used as a portable power bank and a flashlight/safety strobe.

Keep an eye on Techaeris for our full review of the goBAT 2600.

MSRP: $24.99USD

  Purchase from Amazon  Purchase from Scosche

Seidio USB-C Desktop Charging Cradle


Seidio’s newest Desktop Cradle now comes with a MicroUSB Type-C connector. The matte finish provides elegance to your desk or nightstand while the sleek LED light indicates that the cradle is being powered. Sync and charge capabilities make this the best desk companion for your device. Unique design allows for syncing and charging at the same time Sturdy connector is moveable and provides flexibility as you switch between a bare device and Seidio SURFACE or DILEX cases Charge via the cable provided with your smartphone, eliminating the need for multiple cables Discreet power LED and matte finish make the Seidio cradle convenient and sleek.

Check out our Seidio USB-C Desktop Charging Cradle review.

MSRP: $29.99USD

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MicFlip 2.0


The MicFlip 2.0 is a Micro-USB/USB-A cable that has reversible tips so you don’t have to fuss around when trying to connect your Micro-USB devices to a charger, laptop, or other USB device.

Read our full review on this fully reversible Micro-USB/USB cable.

MSRP: $19.99USD

  Purchase from Amazon  Purchase from WinnerGear

Tronsmart USB-C Accessories


Tronsmart has a collection of USB-C accessories including compliant USB-C cables, USB-A to USB-C cables, car chargers, and Micro-USB to USB-C adapters.

Check out our Tronsmart USB-C accessories review.

MSRP: $12.99+ USD

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Google Nexus

Every once in awhile, we get a Toast skin to review here at Techaeris. Whether it’s for a smartphone or an Xbox One console, Toast wood and leather skins are nicely cut, fit well, look sharp, and help protect your devices with a pretty slick look.


  Purchase from Toast

Of course, these are just a few of the many smartphone and mobile accessories and cases we’ve reviewed this year. For even more ideas, be sure to check out the rest of our mobile reviews.

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