The HYPERICE VENOM soothes your back with nanotechnology


Lower back pain is something many people suffer from and it’s not a fun ailment to live with. After years of pounding my back on the job, I have to take extra care when lifting and doing strenuous exercise. Back therapy and chiropractic care are very useful tools for me but not always covered by insurance. Now there could be some relief for people like me in the HYPERICE VENOM. The HYPERICE VENOM is a digitally-connected wearable back device, VENOM combines the power of heat and vibration to aid the lower back. Designed for anyone from elite athletes to those with back pain, the device can be used to optimize recovery by warming up, loosening, and relaxing sore or stiff muscles.

Utilizing nanotechnology that generates heat quickly, the VENOM back device allows users to select their desired temperature via a touchscreen control panel. Users can also use the touchscreen to select one of three different vibration settings delivered via four vibration “pods” positioned strategically on the lower to mid back. VENOM’s heat and vibration are powered by a rechargeable four-cell lithium ion battery pack that detaches from the unit for easy recharging.

“Ever since we launched our Ice Compression Technology in 2012, athletes have been requesting a HYPERICE product that incorporates heat technology,” said HYPERICE Founder, Anthony Katz. “With VENOM, we have answered their requests and also implemented vibration into the product, which makes it even more effective. We feel it’s a product that speaks to the needs of the everyday person with back pain, as well as elite athletes.”

HYPERICE adds the wearable device to its arsenal of recovery technology tools, including the vibrating fitness roller, VYPER, and vibrating massage ball, HYPERSPHERE, which are used by elite athletes worldwide. “I can always rely on HYPERICE’s recovery technology to help keep my body in top shape,” said Arizona Cardinals’ cornerback, Patrick Peterson. “Football puts a lot of wear and tear on my muscles—especially those in my lower back. VENOM is perfect for targeting that pain through vibration and adds the necessary heat to soothe my muscles. It’s now an essential part of my recovery regimen and keeps me playing at my highest performance level.”

To complement HYPERICE’s line of recovery technology, the company also introduces HYPERSOOTHE, a lightweight topical cream infused with essential oils and natural plant extracts to soothe the body’s muscles and joints. Utilizing all-natural ingredients, HYPERSOOTHE is formulated to meet the standards of the world’s best athletes, further enhancing recovery when working in tandem with other HYPERICE products to alleviate soreness and stiffness.

“As our consumers continue to seek health and wellness advancements in all market categories, we wanted to take our brand a step further by delving into a new industry to offer them the complete wellness package,” said Jim Huether, CEO at HYPERICE. “When formulating HYPERSOOTHE, we utilized the same scientific-approach used to develop our line of recovery and movement technology products. The pairing of HYPERSOOTHE with VENOM for relief both before and after a workout will benefit anyone who wants to move and feel better.”

The HYPERICE VENOM looks like it could be a great solution for not only those with lower back pain but also those who are into sports and need that heat and vibration into their muscles. The HYPERICE VENOM is available now for $249USD on the HYPERICE website, just hit the link below.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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