U.S. Note7s will be bricked starting December 19th

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Well, there it is folks. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 will be bricked in the U.S. starting with a December 19th update that will roll out over 30 days. This move follows the lead of Samsung in other countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. I hinted at the real possibility of these phones being bricked and I caught some hell for it. Many readers simply didn’t think it would happen nor that Samsung could actually do that. The very real fact is, and I’m sounding like a broken record on this: when a company recalls every unit in the world, it’s a real problem. It was only a matter of time before Samsung made this move.

The company has given everyone ample enough notice and time to get these devices back to Samsung, yet there have been those who simply refuse to give up their devices. It was so bad that even so-called journalists were writing up pieces that their own editors disagree with shouting how they’d never let go of their Note7.

Josh Dickey of Mashable clutches his brick to his chest. Photo courtesy of Mashable.

Samsung will render remaining Galaxy Note 7s in the United States useless and inoperable with its next and final update for the recalled smartphone. Today the company confirmed that it plans to release an update on December 19th — to be distributed across all major carriers within 30 days — that will “prevent US Galaxy Note 7 devices from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices.”

This final shutdown of the phone appears to be Samsung’s last effort to get all Note 7s back in its possession. Samsung says that 93 percent of US-sold Note 7 units have now been returned, which puts about 133,000 phones unaccounted for. And with this next update meant to basically kill the device for good, Samsung will ramp up communication with customers still holding onto them for some reason.

At the very least, it is reassuring to see that 93% of people did comply with the recall, now hopefully the remaining bricked Note7s will probably be showing up once people realize they’re useless.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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