CeeLo Green smartphone explosion video was publicity stunt

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Samsung has not had a great run with the Galaxy Note7 smartphones, coming under fire and scrutiny when reports of the device exploding in users hands began to surface earlier in the year. This led to the device being recalled worldwide due to a faulty battery causing this issue. The latest fuel added to this fire comes from CCTV footage which supposedly shows CeeLo Green answer a call on his mobile phone, only to then have it explode whilst pressed against the side of his face.

The footage caused many people to reach out in support of the musician, and send their best get well wishes. However, this incident was not without its red flags, at least in my own personal opinion.

First of all the footage we see features very fake looking corner brackets which are not generally seen in a lot of actual surveillance footage. Second, in the bottom middle the resolution the footage is apparently being recorded in is labeled as 1920P, not exactly a resolution we hear of every day (but most certainly exists on some security camera models). Third, the footage just seems to ooze being a manufactured product, the apparent attempt to include fake distortion throughout the video does not add to its authenticity.

The final nail in the coffin for this unusual event though comes in the form of a video featured on an Instagram account for @iamphillychase, which shows CeeLo expressing his gratitude for the people who were worried about him. The proof of this being fake being that CeeLo actually explains that “What you saw today was a clip from a small video we were shooting… It’s supposed to set-up and introduce the new character’s identity.” He further added “For everybody that loves me and cares about me, I just want to let y’all know that I’m okay.”  You can check out the video for yourself on Instagram.

Now that the footage has all but been revealed to be fake and merely part of a PR stunt for an upcoming project, we can all stress that little bit less that our beloved CeeLo Green was not going to be able to release any music for a while, quite the opposite it would seem. Great! I can hardly contain all of my “excitement.” The things people will do just to try and promote themselves and get their face back into the spotlight once again. However, it would seem this has backfired to some degree with many fans calling stunt an epic fail and shaming it for exploiting the actual exploding phone cases that have seriously harmed people and led to them being hospitalized.

What are your thoughts on this little stunt? Do you think it’s tasteless and uncalled for? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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